This month's Latest Album Releases

01 Dec 2012

Have a listen to this month's Podcast and Latest Album Releases.

We have just released 17 new albums so there's plenty of variety to choose from. Have a listen to the Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer this month!

There are some fantastic and exciting new releases to check out, ranging from Girl Power to Sportsmetal, Retro Cop Shows to Space and Phat Club to Latin Lifestyle. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1828 – Girl Power 
Here come the girls! Chart hits full of pop power & R'n'B swagger
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ANW1829 – Downbeat Smooth
Chilled out grooves from acoustic charm to uber cool
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ANW1830 – Retro Cop Shows 
Crime fighting retro TV themes for the funky detective in all of us
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ANW1831 – Indie Dubstep Fusion
Catchy indie pop blended with extreme synth dubstep
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ANW1832 – Space
Star gazing wonderscapes beautifully crafted to appreciate the cosmos
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ANW1833 – Sportsmetal
Action packed hi octane rock & metal perfect for any manic montage
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ANW1834 – Rock Fusions
New & old riffage with a range of twists from funk to country
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ANW1835 – Latin Lifestyle
Sumptuous grooves & smooth production infused with latino passion
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ANW1836 – Quirky & Catchy
Instantly memorable quirky masterpieces to get in your head & stay there
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ANW1837 – Female Alternative Pop
Pretty, romantic & uplifting alt pop songs with delicate female vocal
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ANW1838 – Cinematic
Storytelling orchestral crossovers for the big screen
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ANW1839 – Positive Thinking
Lifestyle mood lifters from quirky marches to indie pop jangle
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ANW1840 – Panoramic Percussion
Epic & uplifting world percussion & cinematic African female vocals
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ANW1841– Phat Club
Powerful drum 'n' bass & urban grooves with large bottom ends
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ANW1842 – French & New Orleans Jazz
Jazz with French origins from both side of the altantic
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ANW1843 – Quirky Female Pop
Catchy, cute, ambient & seductive female singers with an unusual twist
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ANW1844 – Dubmetal
Urban rocktronic devastation with nasty guitars & blasty bad ass beatz 
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