This month's Latest Album Releases

01 Nov 2012

Have a listen to this month's Podcast and our Latest Album Releases.

With 18 new albums being released today, have a listen to the Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer this month.

Our composers have been hard at work yet again to supply us with a real assortment of tracks, ranging from Acoustic Roots, Robo-Pop to Nu Indie & Killer Riffs, Electronic Drama and Vintage Hollywood. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1827 – Thematic Drama
Beautifully crafted historic drama themes featuring small ensembles
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ANW1826 – Bittersweet Christmas
A variety of songs & instrumentals for all Christmas moods from cheerful to sad
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ANW1825 – Quartet & Kit
Emotional & poignant piano & string quartet themes with light grooves
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ANW1824 – Smooth Crooners
A swing album par excellence. Silky songs with brilliant big band backing
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ANW1823– Children’s Christmas
A stocking full of Christmas treats for good boys & girls
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ANW1822 – Infectious Nu-Indie
Sharply written & produced indie earworms with guitars & electronica
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ANW1821 – Vintage Hollywood
Instant nostalgic orchestral happiness from the pen of the legendary Ray Davies
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ANW1820 – Electronic Drama
Glitchy, twitchy & flick of a switchy electronic textures & beats create tension
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ANW1819 – Uplifting Catchy Rock
Pop rock with the emphasis on catchy hooks & uplifting choruses
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ANW1818 – Nashville Country 3
Our Tennessee hit factory delivers with a range of American country styles
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ANW1817 – French Electro
Pumping electronica & club mayhem with heavy beats & throbbing synths
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ANW1816 – Nu Indie & Killer Riffs
Sharp indie guitar riffs with infectious pop exuberance
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ANW1815 – New Age Acoustic Trio
Beautifully recorded sparse & engaging ambient acoustic guitar trio
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ANW1814 – Nu-Folk Innocence
Friendly & approachable acoustic folk
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ANW1813 – Robo-Pop
Electronica on steroids. A cyborg sonic assault with uber sharp production
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ANW1812 – Doctor Chill
Go with the flow and relax to the max with smooth grooves from Dave James
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ANW1811 – Acoustic Roots
Folk pop and roots for the modern age
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ANW1810 – Soaring Guitars
Uplifting & inspiring indie guitars riding high above anthemic arrangements
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