This month's Latest Album Releases

Have a listen to this month's Podcast and our Latest Album Releases.

With 15 new albums being released today, have a listen to the Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer this month.
Our composers have been hard at work yet again to supply us with a real assortment of tracks, ranging from Classic Garage Rock to Earth Tones, Chansons Eclectique and Big Band & Crooners. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1809 – Zouk
Sexy & cool latino dance music originally from the French Caribbean
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ANW1808– Shades Of Jazz

Light & dark jazz moments that bring the swing
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ANW1807 – Chillout 6
More musical duvets to keep the relaxation deep
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ANW1806 – Uplifting Guitars
You love 'em so we make 'em. More inspiring & uplifting guitar anthems
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ANW1805 – Chansons Eclectiques
Cool French songs fused with a world of musical styles & multi layered instrumentals
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ANW1804 – Minimalist
Music for when less is more
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ANW1803 – Quirky Electronica
Never far from the beat but with plenty of sonic twists & turns
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ANW1802 – Chill Pill
Plug in & chill out with easy electronic & acoustic lifestyle grooves
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ANW1801 – 21st Century Rock
Power rock riffage with modern production & sound mangling
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ANW1800 – Earth Tones
Ta daa! Landmark album 1800 celebrated with a truly fascinating collaboration
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ANW1799 – Spanish Fusion
Stylish Iberian passion blended for dancefloors, travelogs & documentary
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ANW1798 – Classic Garage Rock
Feel the raw energy of music from the rock face recorded the right way
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ANW1797 – Quirky Orchestral

Exquisite mischievous & avant garde delights from the wonderful Herr Wunder
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ANW1796 – Classic New York Rock
Anarchic rock & blues from a founder of the original New York alternative scene
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ANW1795 – Big Band & Crooners
Sassy, smooth & super swinging big band songs created in New York & Chicago
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