This month's Latest Album Releases

The Latest Album Releases from the Audio Network Library.

With 15 new albums being released this month, have a listen to the Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer.

Our composers have been hard at work yet again to supply us with a real assortment of tracks, ranging from Classic Quirky Characters, to Electro Thriller to Swinging Jazz. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1742 – Dubstep 3
More massive mangled, twisted & contorted electronic mayhem
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ANW1741 – African Fusions
Exuberant & atmospheric African crossovers for travel & wildlife documentaries
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ANW1740 – Blues ‘n’ Beats
Gritty blues moves from the delta into the inner city & gets mashed up!
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ANW1739 – Electro Thriller
Dark & dramatic electronica with tense beds, big beats & twisted effects
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ANW1738 – Romance
The ups and downs of love & romance from sweeping strings to intimate songs
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ANW1737 – Appalachian Trail
A walk through the woods with pastoral acoustic guitar & banjo
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ANW1736 – American Road Trip
Top down, foot down blues & rock to get you from sea to shining sea
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ANW1735 – Reflections
Vocal & instrumental thought provoking themes with modern classical elements
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ANW1734 – Summer Lifestyle
All set for a great summer in the med, at a spa or on the village green
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ANW1733 – Quirky Kids TV
Fun filled & mischievous wackyness for kids & comedy
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ANW1732 – Classic Quirky Characters
Cheeky & charming classic melodies for fools, cool dudes & lovable rogues
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ANW1731 – Storm Force, Competition & Combat
An editors epic & action packed orchestral crossover toolkit
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ANW1730 – Swinging Jazz
Light hearted & playfully cool swing
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ANW1729 – Moody Grooves
Cool & thoughtful mutli layered downtempo trip hop fusions
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ANW1728 – Chillout 5
Empty your head & fill  up your soul with a mix tape of soothers
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