March 2012 Latest Album Releases

28 Mar 2012

The Latest Album Releases from the Audio Network Library.

With 18 new albums being released today, have a listen to the March Podcast, and get an idea of what's on offer this month.

Our composers have been hard at work yet again to supply us with a real assortment of tracks, ranging from Hollywood Blockbusters, to Nashville Country to Funk. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1727 – Teenage Girl Pop
Chart busting teen dance pop songs
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ANW1726 – Tiny Pop, Rock
Uptempo educational rock & pop tracks for energetic tots
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ANW1725 – Hollywood Blockbusters
Epic & magical Hollywood scores played live by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
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ANW1724 – Show Stopping Brass Beats
Bright, breezy & brassy theme tunes & prime time show stoppers
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ANW1723 – Nashville Country 2
More fabulous country songs from our good friends Thomm Jutz & Peter Cronin
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ANW1722 – Nashville Country 1
Unforgettable country songs from the capital city of music
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ANW1721 – Spain, Latin
From traditional solo guitar to smooth funky fusions
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ANW1720 – Action
Powered up & ready to roll energy & tension fusing several high impact genres
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ANW1719 – American Patriotic
Brass & orchestral American ceremonial themes of allegiance & patriotism
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ANW1718 – News Themes
Big production news themes with urgency & dynamism
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ANW1717 – Big Band Beats
Virtuosity packed big band performance with big beatz & attitude
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ANW1716 – Big Band Traditional
Original, quirky & clever big band brilliance
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ANW1715 - Orchestral Crossover Drama
Electro tensions & orchestral drama combine for the big scenes
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ANW1714 – Acoustic Themes
Lush & multi layered acoustic themes with sumptuous production
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ANW1713 – Aerobics, Dance
Feeling the burn never felt so good with these pumping motivational grooves
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ANW1712 – Funk
Old school meets Nu skool in a funky phat fest of juicy grooves
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ANW1711 – Greece
Hellenic heaven fusing pop grooves with beautiful vocals & instruments
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ANW1710 – Electro Pop, Disco
Sharp dressing uber cool synth meisters mix it up with pop panache
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