December 2011 Latest Album Releases

22 Dec 2011

The Latest Album Releases from the Audio Network Library

With 9 new albums being released today, have a listen to the December Podcast narrated by our Copyright team: Simon Anderson, Adam French, Nick Platt and Mike Craig.

This month our composers have once again reproduced an incredible variety of breathtaking tracks ranging from 'Future Beats' to our 'Emotional, Cinematic Drama' album. Also for you this month, we have released an adrenaline fuelled 'Winners & Losers' album along with 'Stadium Anthems'. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1685 - Emotional, Cinematic Drama
Sad, powerful & poignant pieces to intensify scenes & heighten emotional impact
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ANW1684 - Jazz Pop Songs
Stylish & catchy pop from Pete Masitti with polished production & slick virtuosity
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ANW1683 - Winners & Losers
Aspirational rock & indie for the triumphant & defeated
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ANW1682 - Countryside
Pastoral acoustic folk styles with a modern twist
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ANW1681 - Future Beats, NRG
Mind melting urban beats & electronica from the edge of reality
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ANW1680 - Future Beats Chill
Futuristic chill out grooves to relax & stimulate in equal measure
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ANW1679 - Stadium Anthems
Everythings is going to be OK! A festival of indie optimism
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ANW1678 - Bollywood, Indian Pop
East meets west and everyone starts dancing! Music to spice up your life
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ANW1677 - Looking Glass
Enchanting percussion from the wonderful Evelyn Glennie, Chris Bussey & Barrie Gledden. Enter a world where nothing is as it seems
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