October 2011 Album Releases

29 Oct 2011

The Latest Album Releases from the Audio Network Library.

With 11 new albums being released today, have a listen to the October Podcast with Audio Network's very own New York Team, coming all the way from the World Famous Avatar Studios. The guys take us through the highlights from yet another superb collection of music.

This month our composers have once again reproduced an incredible variety of breathtaking tracks ranging from another 'Dubstep' album to our 'Cinematic, Tense, Thriller' work. We fully suggest having a quick listen to this podcast to gauge an idea of which album will suit you best, we hope you enjoy.

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ANW1665 – Dubstep, Drumstep & Brostep
Subby, dubby mangled synth mayhem with epic builds & heavy drops
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ANW1664 – UK Vocal Hip Hop & RnB
Smoov groovz, phat beatz & rhymz of UK urban poetry. Booooom!
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ANW1663 – Mathcore
It's metal captain but not as we know it. Brutal rock from a parallel dimension
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ANW1662 – Quirky, Espionage & Mystery
Pizzicato strings, marimbas, vibes & woodwind full of furtive mischief & stealth!
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ANW1661 – Summer Lifestyle
From the Caribbean to the Pacific Islands, music for sunbathing. Relax
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ANW1660 – Electronica, Dance
Pumping electronic dance mayhem. Unplugged mixes would just be silence
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ANW1659 – Trailer Rock
In a world where few survive, one man harnessed the mighty power of rock
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ANW1658 – Cinematic, Tense, Thriller
Intrigue, plotting, tension & action. Music from the edge of your seat
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ANW1657 – Kids Action
Fast madcap mayhem & quirky romps for energetic kids & toddlers
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ANW1656 – Uplifting Lifestyle
Fresh & friendly musical contentment to greet each new day
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ANW1655 – Quirky Kids
Silly, playful, childish fun with quirkyness a plenty
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