Latest Album Releases:

28 Jun 2008

Audio Network CDs ANW1233 to 1248 are now live!

Every week we record, master and release new music. We bring the CDs out in batches of 16 every couple of months or so. Our most recent batch, Volume 17, takes us from ANW1233 to ANW1248 and is one of the most exciting collections yet. We have recorded around the country, and indeed the world, to bring you hundreds of never-before-heard, stonking, shiny, brand-new tracks. Don’t forget, you can get all these tracks and even access unreleased music by registering and logging on. Or you can get everything on a stand-alone hard drive.

ANW1233 - Spain, Latin America 3      
An eclectic range of Latin music with yet more recordings featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios as well as vocal tracks and contemporary instrumental.

ANW1234 - Upbeat Lifestyle    
We’re always being asked for more of this, so we’re just doing as we’re told. More bright, ‘up’, fresh tunes to move things along with a zing.

ANW1235 - Funk, Soul, Retro      
More from the ever popular Chris Blackwell and David O’Brien as well as introducing some new talent.

ANW1236 - Sacred, Choirs, Hymns    
Heavenly choirs, organs, orchestras and loveliness from Paul Mottram, Simon Anderson and others.

ANW1237 - Comedy, Feel-good, Fun    
Terry Devine King, Mike Stobbie and Igor Dvorkin get silly.

ANW1238 - Ambient with Guitars    
Introducing Adam Drake and Neil Williams. Listen to these boys play!

ANW1239 - Easy Listening Country    
Chris Gibbons is renowned for his skills with Country Guitars. This is where he shows them off.

ANW1240 - Chilled Lifestyle 4      
The composer ‘A’ team on this one with Terry Devine-King, Barrie Gledden, Chris Blackwell and some of the new guys.

ANW1241 - Horror, Magic, Drama    
More mighty choirs battling with the full Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, tooth rattling organs and generally scary mayhem.

ANW1242 - Historical, Choirs, Organ    
Much better behaved orchestra and choirs, but the same forces brought to bear.

ANW1243 - Acoustic Ambient    
Time for some peace and quiet. A wide range of acoustic, but ambient tracks from orchestral through to more contemporary styles.

ANW1244 - Orchestral Adventure, Drama    
Back to big orchestras making plenty of noise. Check out Tim Garland’s amazing orchestration talents – he makes it sound easy, which it isn’t.

ANW1245 - Movie Drama & Menace    
Welcome to the warped world of brothers Adam and Dan Skinner. These new guys have a completely new sound which is well worth a listen.

ANW1246 - Jazz      
This features familiar favourites and the talents, new to Audio Network of Alexander L’Estrange, the multi instrumentalist and all round good egg.

ANW1247 - Cinematic, Orchestral, Choral    
More miscellaneous mightiness from the ever noisy Paul Mottram with his choirs and orchestras. Introducing Luke Richards, a young man with a name worth watching.

ANW1248 - Greece, Eastern Europe, Russia    
Chaz Kkoshi and Igor Dvorkin are from Greece and Russia respectively, so as you might expect they do the real thing with aplomb.