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12 New Albums Live

ANW1645 – Bad Ass Cinematic Hip Hop
Broodingly brilliant dark electro beats
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ANW1644 – Feel Good Anthemic Rock
Building, inspirational, lighters-in-the-air, hand wavers
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ANW1643 – Acoustic Nu Folk
Chirpy, acoustic and jolly for children and folk who haven't a care in the World
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ANW1642 – Retro Electro Pop Songs
Pioneering synth gods & angelic voices combine in retro electro heaven
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ANW1641– U.S Hip Hop & RnB 2
Urban, authentic rapping & songs
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ANW1640 – Electro & Fidget House
Big production electro & songs. If it doesn't turn you on, you don't have a switch!
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ANW1639 – Small Ensembles
String quartets, pianos & woodwind ensembles. Historical, pastoral and light
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ANW1638 – Beats From The East
A Backpackers urban playlist of Asian & oriental flavoured beats & grooves
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ANW1637 – The Vinyl Countdown
An eclectic time machine through the spangly, jangly & new fangly 60's & 70's
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ANW1636 – A World Of Trouble
A murky musical labyrinth with menacing dubstep & hiphop lurking in the shadows
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ANW1635 – In Ya Face Guitar
Four decades of 6 string attitude from Chris "Rock God" Blackwell
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ANW1634 – Planet Chill
Ice cool beats, horizontally chilled, yet charmingly approachable
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