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Latest Album Releases:

10 New Albums Live

ANW1604 – The Singles Collection
Pop, blues and ballads featuring the vocal talents of Ryan Spendlove
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ANW1605 – Classic & Prog Rock
Classic open road and prog rock from the late 60s and 70s
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ANW1606 – Sunshine Lifestyle
Bare foot and fancy free summer sizzlers
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ANW1607 - Atmospheric Drama
Lightly tense, darkly ethereal
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ANW1608 – Summerville
Cheerful, light acoustic guitar based summer pop
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ANW1609 - Piano
A smorgasbord of piano related themes - from boogie to brooding
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ANW1610 - Urban, Electro Songs
Edgy pop and electronica songs and instrumentals
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ANW1611 – Rock & Pop Songs
And not forgetting instrumental mixes of course
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ANW1612 – Asian Drama
Dark moods from around India & Asia
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ANW1613 – A Fistful of Euros
A musical jaunt around Europe's sunnier spots
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ANW1614 – Magic & Spies
Mysterious, quirky, drama with a twinkle in its eye
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