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2011 continues a pace with 7 new albums now live on the site...

ANW1573 - Music Festival Lifestyle 
Esoteric blend of indie & rock from hippy trippy to punky & funky.
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ANW1572 - US Hip Hop & RnB 
Stomping American influenced hip hop & RnB with cool male rapping & vocals.
This album is written by Dave James and features Chris Baya on vocals and Dorrian Grimm rapping.
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ANW1571 - Jewish, Eastern European, Russian
Romany, folk and dance influenced.
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ANW1570 - European Clichés 2
A trip around Europe's stereotypes.
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ANW1569 - Orchestral Subterfuge
Atmospheric, dark contemporary orchestral.
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ANW1568 - Kindergarten Pop
Chirpy, quirky & playful romps for toddlers. Also suitable for silly people.
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ANW1567 - Documentary
Beautiful, reflective & beguiling creations that allow time and make space.
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ANW1566 - Jazz
From swinging big band to piano trio & songs.
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