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21 Jan 2011

We’re kicking off 2011 with a bumper release of 10 albums. To tie in with our exciting Latin catalogue launch, five sizzling Latino albums are included in this release.

ANW1556 - Period Drama
Chamber Orchestral, light drama by Debbie Wiseman
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ANW1557 - Period Drama 2
More Orchestral drama from Debbie Wiseman. Some lighter moments this time
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ANW1558 - Blissed Out Beats
Serve Coolly chilled with an electro jus
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ANW1559 – Latin Pop
Latin spies, surf & swaggering pop
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ANW1560 – Latin Holiday
Cheesy & sassy Latin grooves. Acoustic, orchestral through to banging beats!
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ANW1561 – Devil Plays The Blues
Classic blues songs & instrumentals with all the essential ingredients of coolness
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ANW1562 – Country / Country Rock
Anything from uplifting country rock, to romantic ballads & nostalgic country blues
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– Festival de la Sol
Fabulous & sexy contemporary Latin
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ANW1564 – Buttondown Brass
Classic, cheese. If it doesn’t make you smile, you’ve had too much Botox
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ANW1565 – Nuevo Rican
A feverish blend of urban salsa & reggaeton all the way from Puerto Rica
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