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12 Aug 2010

Percussion, Lifestyle, Drama, Breakbeat, Chillout, Beatboxing, Teen Pop & Dominican Republic. Listen Now...

ANW1505 - Experimental Percussion
Amazing, atmospheric performances from Evelyn Glennie, Barrie Gledden & Chris Bussey
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ANW1506 - Après Beach Lifestyle
After the heat of the day, the cool of the night
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ANW1507 - Drama, Tension, Suspense
From spooky clocks to nasty glocks & urban beats. Really not restful
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ANW1508 - Breakbeat, Big Beat
Beats that are both broken and big! Hi energy, killer grooves
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ANW1509 - Summer Chillout
Think chilled and yet, in some ways too hot to handle
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ANW1510 - Anatomy of Music
Music made by body parts. Beatboxing, singing and general carrying on
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ANW1511 - Teen Pop & Rock
US teen pop & rock. Songs & instrumental
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ANW1512 - Latin - Dominican Republic
The first of many for a brand new authentic Latin series. Only 3 main titles, but they kick
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