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02 Aug 2010

Silly, latin, rock, drama, electronica & urban. Listen now...

ANW1497 - Silly, Scatty, Screwy
Absurd assortment of euphonious oddments
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ANW1498 - Livin' La Vida Latino
Easy going Latin lifestyle
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ANW1499 - Classic Rock 'n' Roll
Quiffs, winklepickers rule
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ANW1500 - Blockbuster Drama
Powerful, dramatic & frankly scary orchestral
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ANW1501 - Cinematic Drama
Seat of your pants orchestral drama to expansive broad themes
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ANW1502 - Classic Rock
Heads down, roof down, roaring rock
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ANW1503 - Chillout, Electronica
This is what a lava lamp should sound like
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ANW1504 - Urban, Electro, Dubstep
Grimy, menacing and covered in graffiti
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