Latest Album Releases:

27 Apr 2010

ANW CDs 1465 to 1480 now live, listen here...

ANW1465 - Hi-Energy Electronica    
Big production, up tempo electro-rock & dance     Electronic

ANW1466 - RnB, Pop Songs    
Pop and contemporary songs with instrumental versions     Pop

ANW1467 - Acoustic Lifestyle    
A delicious smorgasbord of composers with a veritable feast of tunes     Leisure / Lifestyle

ANW1468 - Eastern Beats    
From chilled New Age to World grooves with Arabic, Indian & Far Eastern influences     World

ANW1469 - Jazz, Swing Blues    
From jazz to jive and cheese to chic     Jazz

ANW1470 - Electro Lounge    
Christophe Goze chilling out and doing what he's best at     Electronic

ANW1471 - Indie Rock and Pop 2    
Indie and electro fused with general rockiness     Rock

ANW1472 - Children 4    
More children's music & songs     Children

ANW1473 - Ambient Guitar    
Chill out & ambient guitar textures     Ambient

ANW1474 - Reggaeton    
Urban Reggaeton from Terry Devine-King     Urban

ANW1475 - Sport, Action, Big Beat    
Hi energy rock and big beat     Rock

ANW1476 - Indie Anthems, Lifestyle    
Plenty of building, earnest indie tracks. Really needs dry-ice for full effect     Leisure / Lifestyle

ANW1477 - Pop Songs 3    
Bright, lively pop and pop electronica     Pop

ANW1478 - Punk    
1970s yoof at its very noisiest     Rock

ANW1479 - Atmospheric, Documentary    
Peaceful, ambient and really rather gorgeous     Ambient

ANW1480 - Blues    
Blues and rock blues. Mostly mid tempo rather than your slow moody thing     Blues