Terry Devine-King

Terry Devine-King is a leading composer in the  television world. As a keyboardist with groups ranging from The Cutting Crew to The Style Council, he is also an experienced performer and player. Terry started his career as a session keyboard player. He worked on a huge variety of pop projects and proved his eclectic abilities early on, working across a gamut of styles ranging from reggae to Trevor Horn productions.

He built his own studio in Wardour Street in 1995 and has now established himself as one of the leading composers in his field.

Terry’s work includes commercials for Guinness, Rover, Citroen, Orange, Daily Telegraph and Barclays, as well as numerous documentaries and TV projects.

More recently Terry has been working on Audio Network projects with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, produced authentic 1960s soul using only original equipment from the period. He has written hundreds of tracks for Audio Network and has worked with and been close friends with Audio Network’s Creative Director for more years than either is prepared to reveal.

Terry Devine-King
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    To the Limit 1012/7 6 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Neutral, light dance groove with ethereal world vocal
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    Deep Waters 1017/4 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Acoustic guitar, keyboards and harp. Atmospheric, calm
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    City Drama 1044/5 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Fast, tense, with dramatic drum fills
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    Across The Land 1023/3 7 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Dark, rhythmic, African tension. Also available without pads
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    Game Plan 1023/1 5 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Slow, mysterious African groove
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    Serengeti Dawn 1023/2 5 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Expansive mid-tempo African groove with Ethnic Flute Melody
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    Mirage 1023/6 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Drone with sparse percussion
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    Living Earth 1023/7 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Dramatic, dark, African percussion with sad chords
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    High As A Kite 1018/8 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Ambient, fun, swing beat dance groove with strange effects and filters. Also available without drums
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    Latino Nights 1020/2 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
    Cool, laid back rumba with scat vocals
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