Neil Williams

Neil Williams

Neil Williams attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama as the youngest, and last student ever to be admitted at the age of 17. Clearly drawn to the recording studio, he gained severe notoriety for his use of contra bass trombone in the German electronica duo, 'Zbrebvieniitz'. His work here, albeit critically acclaimed, brought upon him and his colleagues a criminally imposed hiatus during which the now famed Experimental Sausage Company was formed.

The Croatian underground free-club scene has never been the same since...indeed many critics have cited his pioneering work as the seed of many club classics such as  'Ah Mine Coontated Haaten' and unbelievably 'The Screety Moostard.'

The late 90's and  the early noughties have seen Neil return to form with the wonderful and amazing Adam Drake and soon enough his old friend, the incomparible Gerard Presencer.

To quote from a Guardian review..."does the world really need this?"

We expect it probably does.

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