Martin Felix Kaczmarski

Martin Felix Kaczmarski

Martin is a young London based composer/songwriter working in music production for media.

His musical journey started in school with the piano and violin, but before long rock and roll, and in particular the sound of guitar driven 60s instrumentals influenced him to pick up the electric guitar.

He began playing live in social clubs around the London area and during his time at University formed an Indie rock band and started to develop his singing and song writing skills as well as continuing to play live.

At this time he started to record and co-write with other artists exploring many genres of music and after leaving University with a degree in Music Technology he began to build up his own studio and is in the process of amassing a fine collection of classic instruments, microphones and using a mixture of old and new techniques he produces fresh music in a creative environment.

Recently he has also been endorsed by sE Electronics.

Undiscovered #003