Lincoln Grounds

Lincoln Grounds

Lincoln’s musical journey has been a long and varied one.  Having spent his youth playing, writing & generally obsessing about Jazz, FunkSoul & blues, he later turned his hand to rockpop and acoustic music, embarking upon a twelve year marathon of gigging as a professional guitarist. His inability to say “No” to projects meant he was typically doing 200 gigs a year with several different acts & line-ups across a wide spectrum of music. This musical enthusiasm also saw him playing everywhere and anywhere from The Royal Albert Hall to local pubs (often on consecutive nights!), both in the UK and abroad, working solo, with local acts or established artists.

Lincoln’s early involvement with Audio Network was as a session guitarist appearing on several tracks by Terry Devine-King. Due to his busy schedule of live performances, it was some years before Andrew Sunnucks (Audio Network co-Founder) bumped into Lincoln again and suggested getting back involved with Audio Network. That chance meeting lit Lincoln’s creative fuse and led to a change of musical direction, from working musician to studio based composer & producer.
With numerous TVadvertising credits to his name, Lincoln produces tracks in extremely diverse moods and styles. Being a natural collaborator has also led him to work with several other Audio Network composers on a variety of tracks.
Although diverse, Lincoln’s tracks characteristically involve TV friendly editing mixed with an old school approach to recording instruments with a “live feel”.

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