Liam Hennessy

Liam Hennessy is a London-based composer crafting his own brand of wonderfully intricate, melodic songs using a unique blend of natural and electronic sounds. Influenced by a number of composers who use their work for TV and film, his music combines acoustic, indie, folk, and ambient elements with field recordings and found sounds for added depth and texture. Originally signed as part of Undiscovered, Liam has already had a number of media syncs.
Liam Hennessy
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    Autumn Walks 2289/10 11 mixes Liam Hennessy
    Acoustic guitars with vocal textures, uplifting piano & bells
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    Star Map 2289/4 8 mixes Liam Hennessy
    Ambient textures, layered acoustic guitar & vocal with natural percussion
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    First Light 2289/12 10 mixes Liam Hennessy
    Atmospheric organs swell over thoughtful guitars & piano melody
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