James Bargent

James Bargent

A classically trained composer who’s also played in a post-rock band, James Dexterous creates truly original cinematic scores using samples and percussion that at times border on the bizarre.

This originality is born out of his unusual approach to writing. “I've always found creativity thrives when you're limited and often accidents in the music become the leading motif. So, more often than not with these tracks, the composition began by recording things that couldn't possibly be considered musical.”

His desire for original sounds knows no bounds, and often he finds them in the most unusual places. “I'm talking about violently swiping my shower curtain across its rail, opening and closing sock drawers, hitting boxes with cheap microphones and dripping water into a colander. I'd listen carefully to 30 minutes of nonsense and pick out sounds I thought had character.”

Along with his classical background, James also cites his time playing in a band as a big influence on his compositions. “Playing guitar in a band taught me to be more tasteful when composing parts and allowing certain parts to sit back and let something else shine. I was mad about looping and reversing in the band, which was the beginning of my interest in sound design and has absolutely remained a part of my style.”

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