Igor Dvorkin

Igor was born in the USSR where he trained as an orchestral composer and conductor and then went on to build his career and reputation as a songwriter. Once established as one of the leading artists in his field, with his works performed by many of the Soviet Union’s most prominent artists and ensembles, he moved to the Middle East where he specialised in producing traditional and ethnic music from the region.

This experience and knowledge of a wide variety of world music, as well as being an accomplished all rounder, has made him an invaluable composer for Audio Network.

Igor moved to the UK in 1998 and now focuses his time writing for Audio Network. He has become one of the company's most popular composers and his music has appeared in films and shows around the world.

Igor Dvorkin
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    War Machine 1049/5 5 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    1970s style, heavy psychedelic tune. Distorted guitars mixed with acid synths. Also available without synths.
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    Veiled in Secrecy 1052/5 10 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Arabic melody mixed with Western dance underscore
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    Yodellee Yodelloo 1059/1 6 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Yodelling vocal with accordion & percussion
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    The Big It Up Yodel 1059/2 5 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Absurd yodel & effects over pumping trance
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    Cool Rolling 1188/5 6 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Pnina Isseroff
    Building African dance. Four on the floor rhythm with male harmony vocals
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    Vesper Russica 1050/2 4 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Dark, demonic, Russian Monks, over strings and twisted underscore
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    Hek 1052/4 5 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Contemporary arrangement of Punjabi folk style. Features sitar, shenai, tablas and vocals
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    Steps In The Dark 1063/7 6 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Dark, cinematic underscore with string quartet, percussion and twisted textures
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    Concrete Jungle 1104/3 5 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Pounding, energetic dance with distorted synths and effects
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    Lethal 1063/5 7 mixes Igor Dvorkin
    Dark, textures and effects into tense, threatening percussion
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