Helen Jane Long

Helen Jane Long
Helen's credits within TV and film are numerous, ranging from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, to cult films such as Surveillance and Out In The Cold. She is in constant demand with the likes of Howard Shore, Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Goodwin and up and coming art house directors. She has also, with Audio Network, done various recordings with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Helen didn’t start composing until she was at university where she became increasingly frustrated with her music degree and decided to spend her entire student loan on a massive sequencer keyboard. From then on she slowly but surely amassed the technical equipment needed for a home studio, building up the knowledge to record, produce, score, arrange and mix her own music.
After university, Helen worked for the BBC on Blue Peter and Live and Kicking, hanging out in their music studio with Ronnie Hazlehurst (Only Fools and Horses), Dennis King (Black Beauty) and Nigel Hess (Ladies in Lavender).

Helen Jane Long’s debut album Porcelain was originally made available online and received such public support that she was signed by Warners and the album continues to sell well.

Her work 'Embers' made her the only female artist to achieve the 2012 Classic FM Hall of Fame.

Helen’s eclectic musical tastes range from Rachmaninoff and Debussy through to Amy Winehouse and the Flaming Lips. She leapt onto a piano at the age of 4, training as a classical pianist, and also plays the clarinet, guitar and cello. The cello used on Helen’s debut album was actually handmade by her father.

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