Frank Mizen

Frank Mizen

Frank’s musical journey started on his 4th birthday, with the harmonica. Having mastered the intricacies of the “Sooty” theme he was hooked.

The trouble really started when he arrived home from school brandishing a trombone announcing to his father he was in the school band.

Having done the usual Royal College turn (which he hated) he jumped ship into the session world. On one session for EMI the bass player didn’t turn up but all the gear was there. Frank offered to have a go and promptly became a jobbing bass player.

Franks writing career got underway in the early 90's with Yorkshire Television with shows like Jungle Run, The Big Bang, Scoop, Adam's Family Tree and Wilmott.

He's also written for Stardate, Science Shack (BBC 2/Adam Hart Davis), Dying Breed, Fat Friends (ITV comedy drama), and Junkyard Wars.

He is also an accomplished pedal & lap steel & ukelele player.

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