Daniel Harwood

Daniel Harwood

Daniel Harwood, aka Dialate, began producing music at the age of 14. Not content with pigeonholing himself with one style, he’s experimented with many different genres of electronic music.

Like most producers, his passion for electronic music was born from a desire to create something truly original. “I like the idea of making sounds that haven’t existed before. If you listen to a rock band their sounds can be altered, but with electronic music you can create a noise that has never been made before, even now. It’s not something slightly different, like using an alternate chord – it’s something completely new and exciting.”

However, his first attempts at making music didn’t quite work out. “I was interested in producing because I had no idea of how electronic music was made so I downloaded a demo version of Fruity Loops. I got so frustrated with it that I deleted it, but then a couple of years later I went back to it. I was getting agitated that I wasn’t making professional music so I gave it another go and now, here I am.”

These days he is an accomplished producer, experimenting with many different styles. “I’m experimenting more and more with recording techniques in the studio, but I’m not too bothered how I create music as long as I can recreate what I hear in my head.”

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