Blair Booth

Blair Booth

Blair is best known as the front woman of Oui3 and for her collaborations with artists such as Terry Hall, Johnny Thunders, Billy MacKenzie, Marc Almond and Nick Heyward. Blair’s principal songwriting influences are Carole King, Carly Simon, Harry Nilsson and Randy Newman, although she has worked as an arranger, producer, singer and writer for genres that range from hip-hop to cool electronica to guitar pop.

As a live performer, starting out at the tender age of 16, she began singing in the notorious gambling belt casinos of Reno, Nevada. She then made her way from her native America to the UK in the early ’80s and quickly became deeply rooted in the British music scene. Her current interests lie in dance-oriented and R&B-flavoured pop, cinematic balladry, upbeat electronica and dub. She has been described as having the elegance of Sade and a deep, probing voice such as that of Tracey Thorn.

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