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Cold Revenge 3725/1 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Brooding rootsy blues rock builds to explosive chorus with epic guitars, stomp clap drums & vengeful male vocal
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Find A Way 3623/4 17 mixes Charles Maddocks | Thomas Jacob Maddocks | Michael Taylor Maddocks | Christopher John Beeble
Heavy indie rock song with high energy male vocals, backing vocals, filthy bass, grungy guitars, synths & acoustic guitar
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The Boys Are Comin' Home 3583/4 15 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale
Rootin'-tootin' hoedown with barn-dancing banjos, guitars, fiddles, washboard, whistles & stomps. Yee-haw!
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Peaceful River 3544/1 9 mixes Mark Johns | Sam Wedgwood
Nostalgic, plaintive & expressive dobro with emotional strings
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Desert Deals 3544/4 15 mixes Mark Johns | Sam Wedgwood
Mean & moody dobro riff with enigmatic strings over ominous bass & cahon drum beat
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One Horse Town 3544/6 9 mixes Mark Johns | Sam Wedgwood
Mournful dobro with poignant strings
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Settler's Rest 3544/8 8 mixes Mark Johns | Sam Wedgwood
Tender dobro with warm, reflective & emotional strings
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Sunrise Creek 3544/7 8 mixes Mark Johns | Sam Wedgwood
Wistful dobro & poignant strings
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Westward Bound 3544/2 11 mixes Mark Johns | Sam Wedgwood
Evocative Americana with haunting dobro over reflective strings
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Magic Hour 3503/6 14 mixes Luke Richards
Fluttering atmospheric guitars with heartrending rustic violin, emotional strings & sparse reflective piano
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Drawn To You 3497/1 11 mixes Benjamin Timothy Florin Rowntree | Rob Cass | Joseph Robert Taylor
Atmospheric swampy blues rock with smoky male vocals, Spaghetti Western guitars & dirty synths over a Latin drum groove
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In This Old Town 3486/6 15 mixes Oliver Wilde | Tom Barnes | Phil Panton
Wild West style indie rock with whistled melody, distorted guitars & gravelly male vocals over a pounding drum groove
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Cloud 3461/2 16 mixes Bruce Bouton | Neil Williams
Ethereal, wistful ambient pedal steel guitar with gentle piano & floaty synths
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Swamp Dude 3461/5 11 mixes Bruce Bouton | Neil Williams
Brooding Texas lap steel guitar with light piano & guitars. Dusty, desolate & atmospheric Americana
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Cordillera Blanca 3439/6 15 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Gentle Latin American-style guitars, flute & percussion build with piano to rousing cinematic orchestral ending
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A Colorado Rhapsody 3425/7 17 mixes Joe Kraemer
Classic, sweeping orchestral Western theme. Bright, lively & cinematic
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Into The Sunset 3425/3 15 mixes Joe Kraemer
Bright & breezy cinematic orchestral Western march with prominent brass lines
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Delaware Valley 3340/4 12 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Dramatic spaghetti western theme. Sombre march with mariachi trumpets leads to driving kit & heroic brass
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Dollar Bills 3340/5 12 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Driving hip hop influenced drum groove with rasping mariachi trumpets & reflective piano led middle section
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Enchanted Palace 3332/3 14 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Beguiling, sprightly flute & folk orchestra with jazz-style rhythm section
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Out On The Plains 3225/1 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Sentimental vintage western ballad with fiddles, steel guitar, accordion & horse riding, yodelling cowboy
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Texas And Old Mexico 3225/5 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Vintage romantic Tex Mex cowboy waltz ballad with golden era male vocal
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Desert Winds 3209/7 12 mixes Bob Bradley | Thomas Balmforth
Brooding acoustic & slide guitars with insistent piano, shimmering strings & tubular bell hits
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Desert Wilderness 3209/2 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Matt Parker
Hazy atmospheric guitars build with emotional strings to a soaring panoramic ending
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