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World Adventure 3597/4 14 mixes Terry Devine-King
Epic & heroic marching orchestral action adventure theme
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Army Of The Afterlife 3575/4 12 mixes George Shaw
Menacing orchestra with Chinese instrumentation & ethnic vocals builds to tense climax. Cinematic battle action
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Dance Of Swords 3575/5 11 mixes George Shaw
Warm sweeping orchestral theme with Chinese instruments develops from graceful cello & guzheng led opening
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Kunlun 3575/6 11 mixes George Shaw
Soaring majestic orchestra with Chinese instruments & uplifting female vocal melody builds to triumphant finale
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Moon Goddess 3575/3 12 mixes George Shaw
Sad, romantic cinematic orchestral epic featuring female vocal & plaintive Chinese erhu builds to a tragic finale
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Pangu Creates Heaven And Earth 3575/1 14 mixes George Shaw
Joyful orchestra & Chinese instruments builds from reflective opening to big finale with soaring female vocals
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The Four Dragons 3575/8 11 mixes George Shaw
Emotional cinematic orchestral theme with lush strings, Chinese instruments, percussion & soaring female vocal
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Ten Years Lost 3570/6 24 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
An undercurrent of layered synths, strings & percussion builds in tension & excitement with massive string & brass swells
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In Case Of Emergency 3570/1 23 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Tense but gentle piano, synths & percussion build gradually with driving strings, huge brass & percussion to epic climax
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The Lost Ones 3570/4 23 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Subtle beds featuring piano, synths & bass build with intense cinematic sections featuring massive drums, strings & brass
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Discretion 3570/2 27 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Subtle synths, bass, guitar & piano build tension to a massive finale with soaring strings, brass & intense drums
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They've Arrived 3570/7 20 mixes Mark Petrie
Textural synths, piano & percussion subtly build over 3 distinct sections with driving strings & brass to epic climax
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On The Edge Of Town 3570/5 23 mixes Mark Petrie
Moody piano & synth bed builds gradually with strong percussion, propulsive strings & huge brass to massive climax
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Our Protector 3570/3 25 mixes Mark Petrie
Percolating synths, piano & percussion build with soaring strings & huge brass to a cliffhanger & then to an epic climax
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The First Gods 3521/1 17 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Epic, heroic cinematic orchestral adventure with sweeping strings, dramatic brass, mighty percussion & Norse choir
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Niflheim 3521/2 20 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Pastoral cinematic orchestral theme with choir develops from eerie opening before darkness descends
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Muspelheim 3521/3 22 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Volcanic orchestral action adventure with demonic choir, epic battle drums, menacing electronics & distorted guitars
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Ginnunagap The Yawning Void Pt 1 3521/4 19 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Melancholic orchestral epic with Norse choir evolves from barren ambient soundscape opening
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Ginnunagap The Yawning Void Pt 2 3521/5 27 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Epic marching orchestra builds dramatically with Norse choir, big percussion & electronic elements
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Audhumla Mother Cow 3521/6 22 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Lively Scandanavian folk violins build with epic choir & sweeping orchestra following mysterious cello opening
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Death Of Ymir 3521/7 24 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Mournful & heroic thematic orchestral epic with piano, heavenly choir, huge percussion & electronic elements
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Creating Earth 3521/8 19 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Sweeping majestic orchestra & Norse choir evolves from gentle piano, flute & harp opening
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Stranger Things Will Happen 3520/1 23 mixes Mark Petrie | Brandon Yingho Lau
Brooding synths & moody piano with driving strings, huge percussion & brass. Builds in tension to powerful conclusion
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The Great Dark Lord 3508/8 17 mixes David John Powell
Aggressive doom metal with deep & growling distorted male vocals over intense guitar rhythms & thunderous drums
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Dream Cities 3491/2 12 mixes James Brett
Heroic orchestral hybrid with epic brass & choir builds to triumphant finale
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