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Devoted 3707/1 7 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Inspirational EDM trap with uplifting synth horn chord stabs, heavy hitting beat, bass & synth melody
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Driven 3707/8 6 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Epic, building EDM trap with powerful synth chords & hooky melody, driving beats & trap drums
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Stadium 3707/7 6 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Positive, uplifting EDM trap with bright repeating synth melodies, hand claps & hard hitting beat
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Strikes 3707/9 5 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Warm, positive EDM trap with sparkling synth hook, chime FX melodies & steady, hard hitting beats
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Arcade 3705/1 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Celebratory energetic EDM trap with 808s, pads, hard hitting synth stabs & arpeggiated cosmic synth flourishes
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Edie And Em Go Trappin 3705/10 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Euphoric EDM trap with gritty synths, hard hitting trap drums & nostalgic US West Coast hip hop lead synth melody
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Real Trapwives 3705/2 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Triumphant, up- tempo EDM trap with repeating synth stabs & melody & oscillating synth pattern bed
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Trap Powers 3705/11 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Cool, otherworldly EDM trap with rising & falling arpeggiated synth, hard hitting drums & vocal FX
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Flying Colours 3703/4 14 mixes Christopher Slaski
Spirited, uplifting contmporary take on a Baroque concerto grosso with violins, mallets, piano & orchestra
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Welcome To The Edge 3660/2 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
EDM trap with shining synths, lush synth arps, slamming trap beats, hi hats, deep bass, vocal FX & nasty dub section
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Good Vibes Only 3658/2 8 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Feel good trap with steady beats & melodic guitar lead
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Glowing Up 3658/7 8 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart
Uptempo trap with positive synth melody, trap drums & moving bass line
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Above Cities 3652/8 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Bright positive orchestral strings with gentle uplifting piano, delicate harp & marimba
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Excelsior 3618/7 10 mixes Chris Blackwell
Emotional strings & synths build with mighty rock drums & guitars to an inspirational climax
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Faithful 3618/6 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Victorious rock with big guitars, pounding drums & emotional strings builds from reflective opening
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Four Chords 3618/3 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Inspirational guitar rock slowly builds from gentle opening
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Dreams I Have 3568/2 16 mixes Paddy Conn
Bright & uplifting anthemic indie pop with soaring backing vocals, guitars, synths & driving drums
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Sideways 3547/1 12 mixes Chris Blackwell
Slow rousing stadium rock builds with epic layered guitars & powerful drums to huge climax
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Still Higher 3547/6 10 mixes Chris Blackwell
Slow rousing indie rock with powerful guitars & thumping drums explodes from gentle opening
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A Wonderful Land 3547/2 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Bright jangly guitars opening leads to euphoric indie rock with pounding drums. Edit gaps mix
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Beat The Front Runner 3547/4 10 mixes Chris Blackwell
Inspirational indie guitars with hard hitting drums erupt from gentle & uplifting opening
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Free Flowing 3540/3 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Triumphant electronica with uplifting synth lead, ambient pads, pulsing bassline & steady driving drums
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Light Step 3540/1 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Upbeat driving electronica with pulsing bass, guitar riffs, ethereal voices & ambient leads
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Living For Today 3540/6 14 mixes Gavin Harrison
Positive driving mid-tempo electronica with uplifting builds & inspiring chorus sections
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Reach Out 3540/5 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Inspirational electronica with driving rhythm section builds from warm pads & synth patterns opening
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