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Forensic Patterns 3370/8 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Insistent analogue synth ostinato answered by marimba & driven by light percussion
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Melodic Motion 3370/2 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Bright descending marimba pattern with gentle piano, light percussion & sound design. Builds from sparse opening
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Moving Images 3370/3 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Hypnotic marimba & analogue synth ostinato build with piano, light percussion & driving bass pulse
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Positive Patterns 3370/5 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Positive marimba ostinato builds with light percussion, bass pulse & hypnotic sequenced patterns
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Crunchtime 3352/3 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Tense, urgent & hypnotic minimalist piano builds with light percussion to a positive outcome
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Ice Rain 3352/4 14 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Bright & pretty overlaid piano motifs with Oriental overtones. Builds gently with light percussion
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On The Hunt 3352/5 11 mixes Mark Allaway | Jeff Lardner
Busy, dynamic overlaid rhythmic pianos with accented toms & light percussion. Urgent & mesmerising
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Digital Nomad 3301/4 12 mixes Paul Ressel | Sue Verran
Thoughtful, reflective muted piano, electronic & natural sounds with distant vocal 'ahhs', percussion & beats
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Bulldog 3292/1 10 mixes Pete Davis
Mysterious atmospheric synths & electro beats build with sparse piano, electronic pulses & strings to urgent climax
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Head Space 3282/5 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Pulsing optimistic analogue synth patterns above a bed of celestial pads & textures
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Inner Dystopia 3282/7 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Dreamlike evolving synth arpeggios & textures build to an epic chord sequence
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Light Trails 3234/3 11 mixes David O'Brien
Positive rolling synth patterns with soothing atmospheric textures & electronic percussion
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Black Circle 3233/6 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Urgent piano over ethereal pads builds with driving electronic beats, drums, harp & strings
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Falling Through Space 3209/8 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Steve Dymond | Adam Dennis | Elliot John Randall
Celestial guitars build with analogue synths, strings & electronic beats. Emotional & uplifting
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Autumn Wonder 3194/3 7 mixes George Georgia
Sparkling tuned percussion with ethereal atmospherics, warm synth motifs & arpeggios
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Coral Oceans 3194/4 9 mixes George Georgia
Hypnotic plucked bass harmonics develop with celestial atmospherics
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Furthest Reaches 3191/1 15 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Bright piano arpeggios build with cascading melodies, driving synth bass & string ostinato. Mesmeric & inspiring
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New Discoveries 3191/4 16 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Positive piano with light pulsing synths & purposeful building orchestra
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Faint Connections 3156/7 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Harrison Stanford
Hypnotic electric piano motifs with computer data loops & scientific synth sequences over technological rhythms
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Just Do It 3143/3 13 mixes Paul Mottram
Bright pacey pizzicato strings & marimba with ‘treated’ piano ostinato
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Lightly Sprung 3143/7 11 mixes Paul Mottram
Quirky ‘treated' piano motif underpins playful pizzicato strings
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Waveforms 3117/2 9 mixes Richard Lacy
Light, airy plucked synth & mallet patterns with subtle piano. Hypnotic & atmospheric
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All Things Being Equal 3117/6 10 mixes Richard Lacy
Mellow synth chords & plucked ambient guitar patterns build with mallets & downtempo drums to positive ending
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Break The Silence 3117/7 9 mixes Richard Lacy
Spiky ambient synth patterns build with positive counter melody & plucked rhythms. Sparse & spacey
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Perfect Stranger 3097/3 10 mixes Sam Wedgwood
Positive, earnest marimba, piano & strings. Builds throughout
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