Corporate & Industrial

The Corporate and Industrial production music section of Audio Network’s vast music library includes tracks and tunes to suit most TV, film or commercial moods. If it’s not abundantly clear what type of tune is available, here are some examples. Within the range you will find corporate and industrial library music suitable for Communications projects or for Training/Information purposes. You will also find different industrial options, both Light Industrial and Heavy Industrial, as well as Beds/Underscores in everything from Jazz and Folk to Funky Guitar. Different moods are also here in the music for corporate and industrial section including Bright/Optimistic and Inspiring/Stirring plus music that will provide your project with Power & Energy. In addition, Electronic and Futuristic music is featured here along with tunes fit that Build to a crescendo. Short stings for use as sound Logos is another sub-category.

Try combining musical styles, moods, instumentation and production genres

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