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Bring The Fight 2932/6 13 mixes Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Dramatic cinematic rock with strings. Builds with aggressive kids' chant
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So Well 2635/1 14 mixes Raithe Laurence | Jethro Chaplin | Harry George Keyworth
Upbeat acoustic with a Christmas vibe, sweet vocal, sleigh bells & strings
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Whistle Breakdown 2609/7 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Chris Bangs
Driving beats & guitars with happy whistling, scratches & ''breakdown'' vox
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Begin Again 2585/4 14 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey
Upbeat nu-folk with mandolin melody, vocal textures & warm acoustic
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Yes I Can 2568/6 10 mixes Barrie Gledden | Paul Clarvis
Quirky alternative pop with choppy guitars, 8-bit hooks & baggy beats
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Hello Spring 2539/6 18 mixes Paddy Conn
Summery indie pop build with jangly guitars & ooh vocals. Doused in reverb
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Back To School 2526/6 18 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Happy nu folk with children's ''la la'' vocal melody
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Best Day Ever 2526/4 10 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Happy sunshine pop with kids' ''la la'' vocal hook
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Gold 2511/7 17 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Upbeat acoustic pop with glock, synth melody & rhythm section groove
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Bit Positive 2477/2 17 mixes Tom Peters | Gavin Harrison | Lorenzo De Feo
Positive, driving power pop with 8-bit computer game melodies & fx
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Love You To Bits 2477/3 17 mixes Tom Peters | Gavin Harrison | Lorenzo De Feo | Remy Mallett
Positive, hi energy pop punk with 8-bit computer game melodies & fx
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Jump To It 2464/4 23 mixes Julian Emery | Jeremy Wheatley
Bouncy pop rock with off-beat electric guitar riff & chanting kids hook
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Follow The Day 2406/7 12 mixes Jake Field | Randall Breneman | Duncan Thompson
Frolicsome folk pop with cute glock, bouncy organ, guitars, claps & vocals
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Ska Bro 2301/6 13 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale | Chris Norton
Bouncing slapstick ska featuring brass, ukuleles, pedal steel & coconuts
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Little Big Love 2230/6 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Tropical flavoured indie pop featuring vocal hooks with plenty of guitars
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Cloudburst 2222/1 16 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Joyous piano, glock & kids' vocal hook with rousing indie guitar pop chorus
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Beginner's Luck 2118/1 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond
Quirky blend of funky beats, cheeky retro synth lines & Theremin
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Look Up 1958/3 21 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Quirky & soulful pop with female vocal & funky guitar & bass lines
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Love Is 1925/2 12 mixes Sue Verran | Philip Guyler
Whimsical nu folk song about love with nylon guitar, whistling & cute vocal
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Nut House 1920/5 6 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Upbeat power pop with surf organ & skate punk guitars
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Astronut 1920/1 16 mixes Kes Loy | Richard Kimmings
Warp speed, sci-fi punk power pop
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Dum Diddy Day 1896/5 14 mixes Sue Verran | Tom Quick
Laid back, cute pop tune with quirky childlike female vocals & ukulele
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Break Stuff 1860/5 14 mixes Gareth Johnson | Chris Bussey
Raw, fun party rock with punky riffs, handclaps & bouncing beats
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Bird Song 1843/5 10 mixes Max Brodie
Quirky, cute & bouncy song with innocent female vocal
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Birthday Zoom Zoom 1843/7 17 mixes Tom Quick | Sue Verran
Quirky birthday pop song with acoustic guitar & young female vocal
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