Production music for Children’s TV, film and commercials projects features heavily amongst the many styles in Audio Network’s music library. The range is quite varied and includes everything from tunes that will work for ages 0 to 15 years of age to simple recordings of Kids Playing Instruments. Sitting happily alongside those ditties are Pop for Kids, Nursery Rhymes and Educational pieces as well as the ubiquitous Nursery Rhymes. This Children’s TV collection also includes Lullabies and kids singing. If you are looking for a very specific mood of children’s production music for your show, feature or advert, that can be catered for too with options including Happy, Sad and Fantasy. The Children’s section is completed with a variety of Electronic numbers that could be suitable for a science or technology themed production and a specific section dedicated to Children’s TV library music in most genres.

Try combining musical styles, moods, instumentation and production genres

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