Short musical phrases (or stings) are used in film and TV production as a form of short-hand or punctuation (perhaps to introduce a regular section of a show, or as a dramatic climax approaches.) This selection of Stings for Music Production will cater for any genre of Television; including, but not exclusively, Daytime TV stings, News and Current Affairs stings, Comedy stings, Drama stings or Sports stings. Afford your production with the unique identity it deserves and select a musical Sting with personality from this Sting Library Collection. We’ve made life even easier by providing orchestral sting, ethnic sting, international vocal and vintage sting categories as well as picking out great scene-changing stings and short stings of five seconds or under. Make your selection as short and snappy as a sting with this unrivalled resource.

Try combining musical styles, moods, instumentation and production genres

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