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Knuckle Rap 3728/1 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Dancey mid-tempo 1960s Detroit soul rhythm section groove with funky guitar licks
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The Establishment 3728/3 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Mid-tempo 1970s funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Meet The Boys 3728/5 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Cool mid-tempo funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Sidewalk Strut 3728/4 10 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Laid back funk bass & drum groove. Cool, strolling late-night feel with a touch of sleaze
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Cherrie's Groove 3728/2 9 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Slow, mean funk groove with shady bass, drums & guitar
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You're Drifting Away 3711/2 16 mixes Jake Field | Duncan Thompson
Mellow funk song with intimate male vocal, soulful guitar hooks, atmospheric Hammond & chilled rhythm section
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Sorte 3671/9 11 mixes Jair Claudino Rodrigues Junior | Guilherme Lopes Rodrigues | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Lively, driving & exciting 70s style Brazilian psychedelic samba rock with male vocal
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Hey It's Alright 3654/4 19 mixes Lewis Andrew | Chris Potter | Dominic Heneghan
Pounding dynamic psychedelic funk rock groove with trippy male vocal & backing harmonies
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What Have You Done Today 3627/3 14 mixes Oli Swan
Quirky pop rock song with off-beat piano rhythm, drums, organ, guitar & male lead & harmony vocals. Builds with breakbeat style groove
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Playing The Part 3627/4 15 mixes Oli Swan
Driving classic indie pop song with distinctive male vocal hooks, motoring drum beat, grooving guitar & warm vocal harmonies
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Soft Shoe 3627/5 14 mixes Oli Swan
Pop rock sing-a-long with steady drums, acoustic guitar & male lead & layered backing vocals & huge marching chorus with gong & organ
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Shadoopi 3583/7 12 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale
Chirpy mid-tempo western swing with retro lead guitar, handclaps & banjo
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Shangri La 3563/5 8 mixes Tim Renwick
Warm relaxed guitars, organ & percussion with a light Latin vibe. Sunshine, beach & pina coladas
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This Is Me 3562/2 14 mixes Sidney Samuel Batham | Matthew Richard Salvage
Up-tempo classic disco funk song with male lead vocal & backing chants
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Your Loving 3562/4 14 mixes Sidney Samuel Batham | Matthew Richard Salvage
Catchy 1980s style soul funk song with male vocal
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Best In Town 3528/6 10 mixes Neil Sidwell | Keith Beauvais
Lively bouncing jive with riffing rock 'n' roll guitars, perky piano & swinging big band brass
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Full Steam Ahead 3528/1 12 mixes Neil Sidwell | Keith Beauvais
Full tilt boogie woogie piano blues with hot big band brass section & steaming tenor sax solo
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Your Shuffle 3528/7 11 mixes Neil Sidwell | Keith Beauvais
Bright mid-tempo big band shuffle with tasty piano & guitars
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I'm Just A Man 3522/4 16 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Emotive retro J-pop ballad with Japanese male vocals, mellotron & strummed guitars over a slow drum groove
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Love Is A Game 3506/3 10 mixes Eaton Richard James
Retro soul rock song with male vocal, backing vocal chants with guitar, heavy guitar & bass, drums & cowbell
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Return Home 3506/5 10 mixes Eaton Richard James
Driving funky soul rock song with male vocal, saxophone, Hammond, guitar, cool drums & female bv chants
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What You're Doin' To Me 3484/4 13 mixes Andy Cooper | Marietta Smith
Cool & sexy 1960s/70s influenced soul song with powerful female vocal
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Brasilia 3439/7 17 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Smooth, romantic bossa nova with warm strings, solo flute, acoustic guitar, choral horns & Brazilian percussion
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Monster's Ball 3429/6 11 mixes Philip Guyler
Swinging party pop for ghoulish groovers featuring retro keyboards, surf guitar, demonic drums & spooky theremin
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