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Punch Drunk 3639/7 9 mixes Julian Emery
Head-nodding, 90s US classic rock with slow distorted guitars, heavy drums & searing solo at 2:02
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Lost In Smoke 3618/4 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Moody strummed guitars slowly build to an epic climax with pounding drums, colossal riffs & soaring synths
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Big Block 3608/1 13 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Straight ahead, classic 1970s US freeway rock with powerful riffs, searing lead guitar & driving drums
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Motor City 3608/2 10 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Feel-good driving 1970s classic hard rock
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Road To The Top 3608/3 10 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Head nodding, classic driving 1970s US hard rock
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Blue Collar 3608/4 9 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Powerful mid-tempo classic rock groove with big riffs, scorching lead guitar & pounding drums
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Deck The Halls 3599/2 10 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Hard rock version of 'Deck The Halls' with crunchy rhythm guitars, anthemic lead solos & punchy drums. Frantic double-time speed to end
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Twelve Days Of Christmas 3599/5 12 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Exuberant heavy rock twist on a yuletide classic with punchy drums & virtuosic guitar. Covers multiple rock genres throughout
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We Wish You A Merry Christmas 3599/1 9 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Fast & energetic rock arrangement of the traditional Christmas carol with shredding guitar solos
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Sideways 3547/1 12 mixes Chris Blackwell
Slow rousing stadium rock builds with epic layered guitars & powerful drums to huge climax
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We Go As One 3547/3 10 mixes Chris Blackwell
Heavyweight riff driven guitar rock with catchy hooks. Starts quietly & builds to raucous climax
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Through Lightspeed 3525/8 10 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Powerful & relentless grooving heavy rock
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Kicking Off 3516/8 11 mixes Tristan Ivemy
Boisterous blues rock stomp with rousing group vocal chant
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Best Dress On 3484/8 14 mixes Andy Cooper | Marietta Smith
Swaggering 1980s riff-driven rocker with soul/r&b influences. Features powerful female lead vocal & male rap
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Happy Birthday (Rock) 3464/7 15 mixes Arr. Julian Emery
Classic hard rock arrangement of 'Happy Birthday' with male vocal
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Rarely Never Loaded 3460/3 17 mixes Jeremy Strother | Bobbie L Stamper
Dirty swamp rock with distorted vocals, overdriven guitars, light percussion & stompin' drum groove
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Hammer Down 3435/7 8 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Classic US guitar rock with muscular riffs, searing solos, pounding drums & cowbell
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Sorrow And Pain 3331/7 15 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Positive driving Southern rock builds from thoughtful picked guitar opening
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Southern Pride 3331/5 13 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Feel-good driving Southern rock with a summer vibe
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Whiskey And Rye 3331/10 13 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Classic driving 1970s road trip rock
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Headed South 3331/9 10 mixes Adam Drake | Gareth Johnson
Classic 1970s Southern rock with twang & slide guitars
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Born To Ride 3273/5 12 mixes John DeFaria | John Paterno
Feel-good US classic rock for the open road with hooky licks & driving beats
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Eighteen Wheeler 3273/1 9 mixes John DeFaria | John Paterno
Powerful driving US guitar rock with its foot on the gas
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American Muscle 3246/1 11 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Classic driving 1970s West Coast rock with a funky swagger
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That's Good Living 3207/5 13 mixes Julian Emery | Adam Noble | James Graydon
Breezy country rock groove with laid-back acoustic guitar, warm male vocals & uplifting chorus. Guitar solo at 2:12
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