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Celtic Sorrow 2796/7 13 mixes Skaila Kanga | Chris Egan
Sombre, reflective lullaby featuring Celtic harp & orchestra
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Ghosts 2791/5 7 mixes Sean Lyons | Sofia Bijar
Haunting & mystical female vocal over a gloomy string bed
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Irish Departure 2781/2 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Irish folk rock with violin, heavy guitars, male vocal & explosive kit
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Ballad Of Farren's Bar 2781/3 11 mixes Matt Nasir
Anthemic Irish rock ballad with male vocal, violin lead & rock band backing
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Roadie Friday 2781/6 11 mixes Matt Nasir
Anthemic Irish rock/folk with male vocal
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Off With His Malin Head 2781/4 12 mixes Matt Nasir
Heavy Irish folk rock with driving rock backing, flute, accordion & male vocal
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Derry Cannon 2781/7 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Irish folk punk with flute, tin whistle, bouzouki, male vocal & lively rock backing
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I'm All At Sea 2759/5 7 mixes Will Cookson
Moving piano ballad with intimate male vocals, strings & nautical lyrics
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Rolling Country Fiddler 2718/7 12 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Jolly ceilidh band folk stomp with lively fiddle & driving rhythm section
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Irish Warmblood 2718/4 15 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Good-time, foot tapping country folk stomp with sprightly fiddle solos
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Finale 2718/3 13 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Cheerful country folk jig with spirited fiddle top lines & driving drums
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Sugar Grove 2674/5 11 mixes Leon Hunt | Josh Clark
Upbeat folk dance with a Celtic feel featuring banjo, mandolin & fiddle
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Gone Gone Gone 2649/2 15 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | John Geis
Jaunty American folk song with Celtic flavours. Male vocal. Lo-fi version
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Green Seventeen 2646/6 13 mixes Matt Nasir
Sombre, floaty piano with brushed kit, strings & Celtic style violin solo
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Candle River 2637/1 11 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Evocative flute & Celtic harp over celestial pads. Inspiring theme develops
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Southern Storm 2633/8 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Dramatic Celtic American rock fusion changes gear from pastoral to epic
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Blacksmith 2624/1 11 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Benjamin Weedon
Modern folk with fiddle & whistle. Reflective intro & optimistic main theme
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Folk In The Road 2624/2 14 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Benjamin Weedon
Bright modern folk with driving fiddle lines building to an anthemic chorus
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Irish Glass 2624/5 10 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Benjamin Weedon
Contemplative folk with lilting fiddle over piano, percussion & accordion
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Lagan Heart 2624/7 7 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Benjamin Weedon
Lilting, evocative folk fiddle melodies play over an atmospheric drone
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Lily Fair 2624/6 10 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Benjamin Weedon
Folk fiddle with bass, whistle & vocal builds to an exciting end
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Wish Bone 2624/4 9 mixes Maryann Tedstone | Michael Tedstone | Benjamin Weedon
Lively & uplifting folk fiddle & guitar, with inescapable build up from the band
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Freyja 2578/1 9 mixes Richard Lacy | Sonia Slany
Mournful Norwegian folk fiddle (hardingfele) with distant pads & drones
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Heart Hammer 2578/7 13 mixes Richard Lacy | Sonia Slany
Playful folk fiddle melody & pizzes. Builds to powerful theme
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Odin's Lament 2578/5 10 mixes Richard Lacy | Sonia Slany
Stately sad fiddle theme with piano & double bass. Builds gently
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