Musical Effects

The huge variety of musical effects for production found in this section must surely be unrivalled anywhere on the web. Guaranteed to add authenticity to any radio, film, TV or stage production, the musical effects found here include varied and useful vocal effects along with instrumental effects (including Piano effects, Pizzicato Strings effects, and an extensive general music effects category.) Also on offer are musical sound effects which include animal noises, telephone ring tones and a range of background noises among others. Tracks have been helpfully categorised to suggested themes including water, trains, whales, clocks, time, wind and cold. Of particular interest to the makers of historical or period dramas, this musical effects library provides Gramophone / vintage recording musical effects reminiscent of bygone eras. Comedy makers can get their giggles with a small but perfectly formed area dedicated to the Swannee Whistle musical effect. You will also find an imaginative and useful set of loops for sampling and cutting purposes.

Try combining musical styles, moods, instumentation and production genres

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