This collection of Fanfare production music offers a surprising amount of choice for film, TV and advertising requiring a refrain to announce the arrival of a character; whether a mediaeval Knight or a modern Royal. Invest accuracy and authenticity with vintage Fanfares and historical Fanfares or accompany important news bulletins with contemporary corporate Fanfares designed to build excitement and expectancy. Glittering awards ceremonies can also be catered for with an assortment of appropriate awards Fanfares to play alongside the opening of that all-important envelope. Whether military bugle calls in the military Fanfares section or sweeping, shimmering strings that build to a powerful crescendo alongside epic images in the orchestral Fanfares category, the Fanfare music library can provide music for a range of genres; from Science Fiction to Military History. From Circus style music in comedy Fanfares to a dramatic ‘Ta-Da’ reveal, find it all, and more, in this section.

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