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Hurts My Eyes 3702/1 17 mixes Dylan Rogers | Andrea Hamilton Binley
Party EDM synth classic dance anthem with 90s piano, heavy bass & pure female vocal
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In This Together 3702/2 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Andrea Hamilton Binley
Piano-led deep house with energetic female vocal, synth stabs, bouncing synth bass & pumping four to the floor drums
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Come Back 3702/3 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
Epic EDM synth driven house song with affected male vocal, energetic synths, bass stabs & punchy drums
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Passed Me By 3702/4 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
Punchy EDM ballad with reflective male vocal, anthemic synths, heavy drum beat & epic chorus
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How 2 Love 3702/5 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
Reflective trance style EDM song with building synths, affected piano stabs, deep male vocals & four to the floor drums
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Got Something 3702/6 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
Inspirational EDM song with triumphant male vocal, euphoric synth lines, heavy bass & punchy drums
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Grow Up 3702/7 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
Nostalgic EDM song with heartfelt male vocals, pulsating synthesizers, heavy piano stabs, driving bass & powerful drums
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I Can Feel It 3702/8 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
High energy epic EDM song with catchy male vocal riff, driving lead synths, synth bass & upbeat drums
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Out On Top 3701/1 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Anthemic deep house with bouncy bassline, piano stabs, hand claps & shimmering synths
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This Ain't Right 3701/2 15 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Driving house with catchy male vocal sample & bright piano stabs
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Welcome To Paradise 3701/3 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Positive house with lively piano groove, uplifting synths, driving beats & handclaps
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Light Up The Night 3701/4 16 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Piano-led, euphoric house with big bassline, sweeping synths, driving beats & hand claps
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Boom Boom Boom 3701/5 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Hi-energy house banger with grooving piano stabs, driving beats & euphoric synth sweeps
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Ocean Love 3701/6 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom | Martin Pihl
Upbeat tropical house with bright piano stabs & bouncy synths over driving bass & beats
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Midnight Love 3701/7 13 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Bright up-tempo house with catchy synth stabs, piano & pumping beats
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Heart In Overdrive 3689/4 13 mixes Andy Chandler | Alice Penrose
Uplifting deep house pop crossover with soaring high strings, catchy female vocals, synths, piano & driving beat
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Get Myself Together 3642/1 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Fun, upbeat electro pop with synths, piano, shuffly house beat, guitar & catchy affected male vocals
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Suns Buns Guns 3642/2 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Summery house with catchy male vocal hook, brass, keys, guitars & trumpet solo
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Got To Have Your Love 3642/5 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Summery house song with synths, keys, cut up vocal FX, shuffly house beats & catchy male vocal
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Just Like Bubblegum 3642/4 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Upbeat house song with smooth female vocals, piano, synths, cut up vocals & shuffly house beats
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Living In This Moment 3642/6 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Driving house song with synths, hard hitting keys & affected male vocals
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Cosmic House 3628/3 13 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Pumping upbeat summer house with piano stabs & vocal fx
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Golden Touch 3628/7 11 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Forward moving chilled house with cool vocal chops, bouncy synths & 2step feel
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Heartbeat Ecstacy 3628/1 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Four to the floor summer house with ‘heartbeat’ vocal hook, piano stabs & bouncing basslines
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Poolside Getaway 3628/5 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Feel good summer house with sampled vocals, piano stabs & bouncing basslines
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