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Machine Wars 3640/6 15 mixes Chris Warner | Rob Kelly
Relentless, lurching electronica with trap-tinged 909 beats, eccentric synths & huge bass. The robots are coming!
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Can't Have You 3604/1 16 mixes Cody Page
Mellow synth pop song with understated male vocals, retro chiptune synths & 80s-inspired drum groove
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Hyperactive Electro Monkeys 2909/1 10 mixes Max Brodie
Wacky & highly energetic bit pop with manic synths, stuttering guitars & fx
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Social Media 2586/2 12 mixes Kes Loy | Gavin Harrison
Bright, smiling electronica with synths, computer beeps & processed glock
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Androids 2570/1 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond
High energy electro with glitch synths, funky beats & cool vocal samples
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Bit Positive 2477/2 17 mixes Tom Peters | Gavin Harrison | Lorenzo De Feo
Positive, driving power pop with 8-bit computer game melodies & fx
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Quarks 2454/10 13 mixes Richard Lacy | Marc Hoad
Tense, dark synths build with edgy industrial percussion & 8-bit melodies
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Byte Me 2256/2 7 mixes Kes Loy
Cheeky tech house with quirky atonal synths & gadgets
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8 Bit Hero 2135/2 8 mixes Gavin Harrison
High energy, retro computer inspired electronica
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Bits N Bytes 2135/6 9 mixes Gavin Harrison
Fast, driving retro computing inspired electronica
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Chiptune Workout 2135/3 9 mixes Gavin Harrison
Positive, driving retro computing inspired electronica
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Digital Bounce 2135/4 8 mixes Gavin Harrison
Retro 8-bit electronica with a bouncy dub reggae feel
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Night Flight 2135/1 10 mixes Gavin Harrison
Bright, driving retro computing inspired electronica with 8-bit rises
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Up Down Left Right Start 2135/5 10 mixes Gavin Harrison
Frantic, retro arcade inspired 8-bit electronica
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Electric Picnic 2055/2 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Bright retro computer game motifs with half-time hip hop feel
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Hashtag 2055/1 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Super cool electro big beats with catchy computer game melodies
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Electro Cat 1901/5 11 mixes Barrie Gledden | Jason Pedder | Chris Bussey
Bright syncopated electro pop with retro computer melody & cool pauses
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Fun And Games 1901/4 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Jason Pedder | Chris Bussey
Electro drum 'n' bass. Quirky melody, computer talk & FX
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Plug In Baby 1901/6 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Jason Pedder | Chris Bussey
Funky electro breakbeat with quirky twisted synths & FX
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Stealth Inspector 1901/2 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Jason Pedder | Chris Bussey
Circuit bent computer game fun. Energetic bassline & cheeky melody
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High Definition 1901/1 8 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey | Jason Pedder
Quirky electro dance with dirty bass, 8-bit vocal fx & retro 1980s style hits
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Gaming 1898/8 9 mixes Dave James | Michael Craig
Electro beats with classic arcade game fx & retro computer melody
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Imperial Crunk 1681/7 7 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Quirky electro with serious upfront bass, glitched beats & piano
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Atomic 1493/6 6 mixes Bob Bradley
Cute 8 bit computer generated pop
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