The impressive and awe-inspiring remit of the Orchestra is put to the test with this comprehensive selection of Classical music for production. Setting tones and themes for TV, film or commercial work, particularly period pieces, becomes a doddle when pieces of music are this clearly and intelligently grouped. Delve into the history of Classical music with date specific categories that include Early Renaissance classical music, Baroque classical music and Romantic classical music. It’s also possible to explore choices based on their production origin, choosing from classical music played by solo instrumentals, classical music duets or chamber orchestral performances of classical music amongst many others. Helpful thematic suggestions have also been made, allowing you to select pastoral classical music that evokes the beauty and majesty of the British countryside or a brisk, classical music march played by a brass band that stirs images of old-fashioned military regalia, pomp and ceremony. This classical music library also brings the genre up to date with a quirky Quasi-classical music section that uses modern methods of music production to re-ignite traditional pieces, and don’t forget the opera and chamber music categories!

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