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The Victorian Scene 3766/5 7 mixes Nicholas Dodd
Nostalgic, gentle & romantic cinematic orchestral
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Ailsa's Air 3760/6 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Wistful, romantic Irish air with traditional Celtic folk instruments & orchestra
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Give It A Whirl 3752/1 9 mixes Patrick Hawes
Lively, cheerful piano with uplifting strings
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In Blossom 3752/7 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Enchanting piano melody with uplifting strings
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Single At Christmas 3750/3 14 mixes Harry Oliver Filleul Clarke | Sarah Michelle Thompson
Soulful pop song with soaring female vocal, grooving drums, guitar, big, brash brass, sweeping strings & piano
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Old Fashioned Christmas 3750/7 14 mixes Harry Oliver Filleul Clarke | Sarah Michelle Thompson
Warm pop song with powerful female vocal, pizz strings, acoustic guitar, drums, piano & choir
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Good Christmas 3750/2 14 mixes Harry Oliver Filleul Clarke | Sarah Michelle Thompson
Up-tempo Christmas pop song with glowing female vocals, driving piano stabs & melody, grooving bass, guitar & drums
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Feel Like Christmas 3750/5 14 mixes Harry Oliver Filleul Clarke | Sarah Michelle Thompson
Warm Christmas pop song with soulful female vocals, up-tempo upright piano, steady drums, guitar & lazy brass melodies
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Green Moon 3749/6 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Indie ballad with emotive female vocal, delicate acoustic guitar, bass, synths, drums & electric guitar
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One 3745/5 11 mixes Christopher Ikechukwu
Catchy Afro R&B with saxophone, synth pads, bass, percussion, layered vocal fx & laid back male lead vocal
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For The Greater Good 3736/6 7 mixes Richard Lacy | John Ashton Thomas
Warm, positive & uplifting orchestral hybrid builds from wistful opening
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Goodbye Sunshine 3734/4 13 mixes Tim Garland
Sentimental bossa nova ballad with sad crooner lamenting lost love accomapined by lush strings & gentle rhythm section
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Walking Home 3734/6 16 mixes Tim Garland
Easy going, playful swing song with sassy female vocal & jazz piano trio
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Tell Me What You Want 3733/5 10 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz | Aaron Hosea Campbell
West coast chill out R&B with synths, bass, plucked violin, swung drum groove & rapped & sung vocals
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When Wrong Is Right 3733/6 11 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz
Chilled out jazzy hip hop with soulful male vocal, R&B drums groove, bass, piano, synths & percussion
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Under The Sunlit Tree 3732/1 6 mixes Luke Richards
Soft, dreamy & delicate solo piano. Lazy, hazy summer days
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Sunlight On Water 3732/2 8 mixes Luke Richards
Glistening, light & fast rippling piano with subtle held strings
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Words Unsaid 3732/7 8 mixes Luke Richards
Delicate reflective strings & sparse piano over a deep sustained bass drone with atmospheric textures
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All In Good Time 3723/2 12 mixes Matt Nasir
Clockwork-like piano piece with evocative strings over a ticking sound bed
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Ever The Optimist 3723/6 17 mixes Matt Nasir
Bright, uplifting piano with ethereal sound design, twinkling tuned percussion & positive building strings
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Cartoon Saturdays 3721/2 13 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Nostalgic indie pop with psychedelic bouncy synths, smooth male vocal, bass guitar, drum kit & electric guitar
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My Favorite Song 3721/6 13 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Up-tempo indie synth pop song with high male vocal, double time drums, bouncy synths, bass & electric guitars
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Beyond The Wall 3713/2 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng
Uplifting East/West fusion with evocative Chinese erhu over guzheng harp, piano, guitar, ethnic flutes & percussion
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Beautiful Lotus Flower 3713/3 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng
Plaintive Chinese erhu with gentle acoustic guitar, guzheng, strings, piano & percussion
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Chinese Rose 3713/6 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng | Max Benjamin Gittings
Simple, touching East/West fusion with Chinese flute & erhu supported by acoustic guitar arpeggios, strings & keys
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