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Future Luxe 3763/1 15 mixes James Copperthwaite | Jonathan Buchanan
Futuristic electronica with neon synth riffs, bass, digital sampled beats, vocal fx & dramatic pads
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Calm Tones 3754/1 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Calming ambient meditation pads with celestial vocal textures, crystal bowl & temple bells
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Alignment In Grace 3754/2 19 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Reflective ambient pads with airy vocal textures, tranquil hang drum, crystal chimes, sound bowl & gong
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Breathe And Relax 3754/3 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Soothing ambient pads with gentle piano & delicate crystal bowl tones. Meditative & atmospheric
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Relaxing 3754/5 21 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Chilled, dreamy pads with ethereal vocal textures & crystal harp
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Perfect Clarity 3754/6 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Deeply relaxing pads with shimmering chimes, dreamy Rhodes, light vocal textures & delicate hang drum
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Cycles 3754/7 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Peaceful, dreamy ambient piano with warm pads & celestial textures over a crystal bowl drone. Expansive & comforting
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Sweet Solace 3754/4 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Calming ambient pads with crystal chimes, binaural tones & comforting vocal melody
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Elated 3748/2 7 mixes Kes Loy
Hypnotic piano motif builds to inspiring climax with multi-layered folk & electric guitars over steady kick drum beat
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The Establishment 3728/3 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Mid-tempo 1970s funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Meet The Boys 3728/5 8 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Cool mid-tempo funk groove with guitar, bass & drums
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Sidewalk Strut 3728/4 10 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Laid back funk bass & drum groove. Cool, strolling late-night feel with a touch of sleaze
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Cherrie's Groove 3728/2 9 mixes James Taylor | Pat Illingworth | Andrew McKinney | Mark Cox
Slow, mean funk groove with shady bass, drums & guitar
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Easy Breezy 3719/10 10 mixes Gareth Johnson
Classic hip hop with punchy breaks, sparse keys, quirky synths & positive melodic hooks
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Get Lit 3694/9 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Hypnotic hip hop with 808 bass groove, trap hats, melodic synth waves & popping snares
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Pop Your Collar 3694/2 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Cool, sparse hip hop with steady beats, slow moving synths, finger snaps, claps & a killer hypnotic groove
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Diamonds For Life 3685/3 8 mixes Lawrence Insula
Bubbly trap with reversed Rhodes sample bed, overdriven 808s & snappy trap drums
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Future Trap Nostalgia 3685/6 6 mixes Lawrence Insula
Laid back trap with angelic synth arpeggio, pulsing chord bed, snappy trap drums & warm driven 808
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Hundred Percent 3677/9 11 mixes Dario Brigham Bowes
Steady hip hop with heavy half-time beats, rhythmical percussion, 80s arpeggiated synths, descending lead synth & beatbox style vocal samples
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Contours 3664/7 11 mixes Terry Devine-King
Light, busy minimalist piano, marimba, celeste & synth patterns with ticking rhythm & pizz strings. Mesmeric
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Breathe The Air 3663/2 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Driving, positive mid-tempo indie rock with multi-layered guitars & synths
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Just Believe It 3663/6 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Warm, relaxed indie builds with uplifting guitars & analogue synths
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Start Up Again 3663/5 9 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Chilled indie rock with layered guitars & modular synths
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Talk It Out 3645/8 8 mixes Terry Devine-King
Light, inquisitive & mildly hypnotic pizzicato strings, marimba & celeste. Neutral, calming feel throughout
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Green Haze 3634/6 9 mixes Gareth Johnson
Positive mid-tempo electro rock with psychedelic influences featuring guitars, synths & steady stomping groove
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