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Everybody's Tellin' Me 3761/6 16 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Marcus Dawes | Guy Speakman
Quirky jazz jam with hip hop style rapped vocal, drum kit, bass guitar, synths, electronic piano, Hammond organ & saxophone
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Sweet Innocence 3753/3 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Passionate, affecting solo violin
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The Past 3753/7 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Slow, reflective & melancholy solo violin
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Who Ya Gonna Count On 3734/3 18 mixes Tim Garland
Touching, classic jazz ballad with comforting female vocal & rich strings
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By Dawn's Early Light 3723/1 15 mixes Matt Nasir
Beautiful, heartwarming piano & strings with tuned percussion over an atmospheric violin harmonic sound bed
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From Zero 3723/4 16 mixes Matt Nasir
Gentle, flowing piano arpeggios with wistful strings & tuned percussion
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Not A Care In The World 3723/7 15 mixes Matt Nasir
Serene, affecting piano & strings over light female vocal bed
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Piano Arp 3723/3 15 mixes Matt Nasir
Enchanting flowing piano arpeggios with plaintive strings
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Cartoon Saturdays 3721/2 13 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Nostalgic indie pop with psychedelic bouncy synths, smooth male vocal, bass guitar, drum kit & electric guitar
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My Favorite Song 3721/6 13 mixes Samuel Grant Beresford | Duran Hans Visek
Up-tempo indie synth pop song with high male vocal, double time drums, bouncy synths, bass & electric guitars
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Beautiful Lotus Flower 3713/3 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng
Plaintive Chinese erhu with gentle acoustic guitar, guzheng, strings, piano & percussion
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Chinese Rose 3713/6 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng | Max Benjamin Gittings
Simple, touching East/West fusion with Chinese flute & erhu supported by acoustic guitar arpeggios, strings & keys
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Spring Garden 3713/7 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng
Wistful East/West fusion with lilting Chinese erhu violin & flute supported by strings, guitar & percussion
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Alabama Moon 3712/6 16 mixes John DeFaria
Sad, reflective Southern rock with dobro, baritone & electric guitars over drums, pads & shaker
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Mississippi Sunset 3712/2 13 mixes John DeFaria
Slow, evocative Americana guitar theme. Wistful acoustic & ambient guitars with bluesy fills
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You're Drifting Away 3711/2 16 mixes Jake Field | Duncan Thompson
Mellow funk song with intimate male vocal, soulful guitar hooks, atmospheric Hammond & chilled rhythm section
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Arctic Blue 3703/7 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Wistful piano with harp & gentle atmospheric strings
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Sunny Days Aren't So Bad 3678/8 8 mixes Thompson Egbo-Egbo
Warm, relaxed & romantic jazz piano trio waltz
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Always Searching 3665/5 16 mixes Jethro Chaplin | Matthew Frederick | Daniel Jones
Chilled dreamy synths, acoustic guitars, piano, bass & drums with musing "Am I searching for your love?" male vocal
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Domestic Bliss 3662/1 11 mixes Sofia Donavan-Lafuente | Alexander Charles Elliott | Joshua Mark Wheatley
Dreamy alt pop song with hard hitting drums, atmospheric synths, ethereal backing vocals & intimate conversational lead vocal
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Golden Sunlight 3643/1 10 mixes Patrick Hawes
Peaceful, shimmering orchestral. Full of heavenly space & atmosphere
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Enigmatic 3635/8 13 mixes Paul Mottram
Wistful, thoughtful pizzicato strings with atmospheric vibraphone
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Reconciliation 3635/5 14 mixes Paul Mottram
Reflective, sad but hopeful piano over warm strings
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Nocturne Andante 3630/1 16 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Borodin's iconic love theme adapted for small string orchestra with cello & violin solos over whispery strings
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