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Ending 3252/4 9 mixes Nathan Feddo | Henry White
Warm textural soundscape with epic synth drones, distant guitars, floating bell melodies & deep bass. Builds
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Suspense In Time 3252/5 7 mixes Nathan Feddo | Henry White
Dark & ominous synth arpeggios, eerie vocal textures & tense atmospheres build to a claustrophobic climax
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Colour Of The Sky 3250/3 12 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Mellow house groove builds to euphoric climax with undulating analogue synths, vocal FX & spacious keyboard melody
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First Time 3250/4 14 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Ambient soundscape with hypnotic metallic ostinato evolves with beautiful piano, strings & percussion
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City Of Lights 3250/2 9 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Robotic synth arpeggios with four-to-the-floor electronic drums & ethereal pads. Builds with synth melody & ambient breakdown
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Speed Kills 3250/1 10 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Mid-tempo four-to-the-floor electro groove with pulsing synth bass, ambient pad swells & hypnotic robotic FX
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Cloud City 3234/2 11 mixes David O'Brien
Celestial synths with lush analogue pads & pulsing minimal rhythms
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Hypnotic Space 3234/1 11 mixes David O'Brien
Dreamlike electronica with hypnotic synth pulse ostinato, glitched percussion & rich textural sound design
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New Discoveries 3191/4 16 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Positive piano with light pulsing synths & purposeful building orchestra
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Warp Drive 3191/7 16 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Urgent, exhilarating orchestral ride with pulsing electronic bed builds to tense climax with big drums
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Infinite Nebulae 3191/6 16 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Mysterious, celestial orchestral clusters beneath a floating piano melody & sound design
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Medusa 3189/6 20 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Dramatic, galloping cinematic orchestra with large choir builds to frantic climax from sombre opening
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Minotaur 3189/3 20 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Epic, emotional orchestra & soaring choir build with huge drums to heroic climax
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Triton 3189/2 16 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Tense, driving epic orchestra & choir build to dramatic climax with menacing & mournful stops along the way
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Centaur 3189/5 19 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Heroic large scale orchestral blockbuster builds to rousing climax with epic choir
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Cyclops 3189/4 19 mixes Bob Bradley | Andrew Griffiths | Chris Egan
Tense & dramatic symphony orchestra with epic choir builds to thrilling climax
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They Are Coming 3177/8 9 mixes Richard Lacy
Menacing rising Shepard Tones & growling deep bass build to terrifying climax with pulsing synth & dramatic hits
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Dark Horse 3177/2 15 mixes Richard Lacy
Apocalyptic analogue synths with menacing Shepard Tone & cinematic hits. Tension builds throughout
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Fear Of Silence 3177/4 12 mixes Richard Lacy
Dark ambient pads & rising Shepard Tone give way to lo-fi industrial drums & sparse melancholy piano
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Rocket In My Pocket 3161/2 8 mixes Christian Marsac | Pete Davis
Mysterious ticking guitar pulses, sparse piano & guitar melody build in positivity with warm ambient synths
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Dark Crystals 3156/4 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Brooding atmospheres build with retro synths, powerful pulsing bass & angular rock guitar riffs
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Faint Connections 3156/7 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Harrison Stanford
Hypnotic electric piano motifs with computer data loops & scientific synth sequences over technological rhythms
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Phantom Visions 3156/8 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Nick McEnally | Josh Weller
Spooky, curious & quirky with glitchy sci-fi elements. Features piano, synths, drums, pizzicato & cinematic strings
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Readying The Ship 3153/2 9 mixes Dan Skinner | Adam Skinner
Dark, pulsating retro synth ostinato. Eerie, ambient & hypnotic
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Gas Giant 3153/3 8 mixes Dan Skinner | Adam Skinner
Nervous, glitchy modular synths & epic delayed percussion create a vast cosmic landscape
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