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Alabama Moon 3712/6 16 mixes John DeFaria
Sad, reflective Southern rock with dobro, baritone & electric guitars over drums, pads & shaker
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Mississippi Sunset 3712/2 13 mixes John DeFaria
Slow, evocative Americana guitar theme. Wistful acoustic & ambient guitars with bluesy fills
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Hope Is Lost 3710/5 9 mixes James Brett
Forlorn orchestral hybrid with wistful strings, noble horn solo, synth pads & choir swells
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Arctic Blue 3703/7 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Wistful piano with harp & gentle atmospheric strings
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Smoke And Ash 3680/6 9 mixes Alex Kovacs
Introspective piano over ambient drones builds with emotional strings & pads to a soaring peak & long fade outro
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Sorrow's Wake 3667/3 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Sorrowful cello & high strings build with celestial Omnichord to an emotional climax with soaring vocals. Atmospheric
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They Fall 3667/4 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Haunting female vocal builds with ethereal Omnichord, reflective guitar & poignant strings
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God From The Machine 3667/5 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Plaintive strings & sparkling chimes build with pulsing Omnichord to a soaring, emotional climax
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The Veiled 3667/6 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Floaty, wistful female vocal melody builds with celestial Omnichord & affecting strings to an emotional climax
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Twisting Fate 3667/8 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Plaintive strings build with glistening Omnichord & soaring female vocal to a stirring climax
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Transfiguration Part I 3667/9 13 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Ethereal Omnichord & moody strings build with sombre cello to screeching violins & synth riser crescendo ending
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Transfiguration Part II 3667/10 12 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Sorrowful expressive strings with ethereal female vocal & Omnichord build to a soaring, heart-rending finale
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Dreaming Of Dystopia 3640/2 13 mixes Chris Warner | Rob Kelly
Pensive minimalist ambient piano with sad reverberant guitar & atmospheric textures. Bleak, brooding & moody
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Ambient Requiem 3640/5 11 mixes Chris Warner | Rob Kelly
Bleak, mournful cello ensemble with celestial choral textures, ambient piano chords & cathedral-like acoustics
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Reconciliation 3635/5 14 mixes Paul Mottram
Reflective, sad but hopeful piano over warm strings
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Where Are You 3610/1 14 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Sparse, reflective ambient piano & swaying high strings transforms to emotional theme with lush orchestral strings
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Empty Bed 3610/3 13 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Gentle, reflective piano over subtle atmospherics builds with affecting orchestral strings to a powerful, emotional ending
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Window Tears 3610/5 18 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Sparse melancholy ambient piano & breathy atmospheric textures build with strings to an emotional finale
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They Did Not Wait 3610/6 14 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Desolate, spacious ambient pads lead to melancholy piano & orchestral strings theme
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Restoration 3576/5 9 mixes Richard Lacy
Delicate, wistful mallets & piano with heartfelt cello
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A Turn For The Better 3541/7 11 mixes Richard Lacy
Sparse, reflective piano transforms into a gently flowing, uplifting theme
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After Winter 3541/1 13 mixes Richard Lacy
Melancholy piano builds in optimism with bubbling synth textures
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Better Than Yesterday 3541/4 14 mixes Richard Lacy
Sparse thoughtful piano over light ambient pads transitions into optimistic theme with synths, piano layers & drums
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Mood Shift 3541/5 10 mixes Richard Lacy
Sombre piano & ambient textures build in optimism with sparkling piano layers to an uplifting ending
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Goodbye For Now 3510/7 14 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | Matthew Bourne
Sombre piano builds with comforting guitars, textures & beats
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