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The Violent Kind 3725/3 15 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Unsettling acoustic rock song with darky fragile male & female vocal duet. Builds to epic electric band 2nd half
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Stretch And Yawn 3661/8 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Smooth hip hop lullaby with a strong beat, groovy keys, sleepy male rap & soft female sung vocals
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If I Told You 3655/6 12 mixes Jordan Jesse Sherman | Zoe Nicole Giosa-Hirsch
Reflective electro pop duet about a break up with steady trap drums, guitar & synths
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Fuimos Todo Y Nada 3644/3 9 mixes Guillermo Pascual | Edgar Fernando Rios Roman
Bittersweet, romantic mariachi song with passionate male & female vocals sung in Spanish
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Raices 3644/8 9 mixes Guillermo Pascual | Edgar Fernando Rios Roman
Lively & cheerful traditional mariachi band with romantic male/female duet sung in Spanish
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Tuve La Manera 3644/10 8 mixes Guillermo Pascual | Edgar Fernando Rios Roman
Gentle, romantic male/female duet sung in Spanish with traditional mariachi band accompaniment
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I'm Leaving Home 3631/10 21 mixes Jake Field | Randall Breneman | Ian Janco Gillberg
Emotional female/male folk-country duet about leaving home for bigger & better things
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Hard To Wake Up 3614/4 13 mixes Saam Jafarzadeh | Emilie Krogh Johannessen
Abstract laid-back hip hop beat with lazy timing, lo-fi male rap & airy female vocals, warm chords & sci-fi synth layers
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Great Day For Feeling Happy 3583/6 19 mixes Frank Mizen | Daniel Mizen | Miles Brear Gilderdale
Happy old-time country skiffle song with bouncy bass, springy jaws harp & super chirpy female/male vocals
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Talk 3562/1 14 mixes Sidney Samuel Batham | Matthew Richard Salvage
Driving soul funk relationship song with female/male vocal duet
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Panoplie 3559/1 11 mixes Maxime Desprez | Michael Tordjman | Octave Lissner | Louis Huguenin
Playful, summery French pop song with male & female duet, syncopated bossa nova style guitars, Theremin & beats
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Your Moon 3551/4 15 mixes Robbie Redway
Up-tempo electronic indie pop with syncopated choppy pianos & female/male vocal duet
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Back To The Beginning 3549/5 13 mixes Timothy McNary
Gentle, nostalgic alt folk song with finger picked acoustic guitar & male & female vocals. Builds with cymbal swells, strings & pads
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Don't Wanna Miss You 3534/1 13 mixes Jordan Jesse Sherman | Steven Wilmot | Madison Bisharat
Driving electro pop duet with tight percussion, piano chord stabs, guitars & synths
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Coronation Celebration 3506/4 9 mixes Eaton Richard James
Energetic soulful rock song with horn section, drums, Hammond, guitars & uplifting male & female vocals
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Feelin' It 3469/5 12 mixes Ethan Kaufmann | James Gunnar Mason
Driving country pop song with male & female vocal duet, twangy guitars, Hammond organ, piano & upbeat skiffle groove. Anthemic half-time chorus
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Can't Stop Now 3458/4 14 mixes Aidan Hogg
Bright, up-tempo indie pop song with layered male & female vocals over energetic guitars, drums & synths
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All You Need 3458/7 14 mixes Aidan Hogg
Dreamy indie love song with female & male vocals. Builds to driving groove from gentle opening
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If We Never Fall In Love Again 3393/10 16 mixes Nick Kingswell
Gentle, romantic song with bittersweet male & female vocal duet. Cute & quirky
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Shoot 3278/2 10 mixes Wayne Murray | Andrew Britton
Driving, energetic electro indie with male vocals, female backing vocals, gritty guitar, catchy synths & beats
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Done With That 3269/2 13 mixes Paul Leary | Andrea Rocha
Driving Latin pop with female vocals & Spanish male rap, hard-hitting reggaeton beats & trap beat breakdown
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Sail Into The Night 3193/1 10 mixes Will Cookson
Inspiring indie folk song with male & female vocals, piano, strings & rousing chorus. Builds with choir & trumpet
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Brightest Star 3193/2 7 mixes Will Cookson
Reflective indie folk song with male & female vocals, picked acoustic guitar. Builds with drums, trumpet & voices
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Sunlight And Ashes 3193/3 7 mixes Will Cookson
Plaintive ballad with intimate solo male & duet vocals. Builds to emotional climax with lush strings & solo cello
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Drop It Low 3122/5 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Ragga trap anthem with steel pans, vibing snares, Jamaican male vocals & female R&B vocal
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