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Can't Stop Us 3698/2 8 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Fun, forward moving hip hop with guitars, bass, vocal shouts, claps & hard hitting piano stabs
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Freed 3698/3 8 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Positive, driving hip hop with warm hooky guitars, bass, tambourine, 808s, dj scratching & affected vocal shouts
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From The Bottom To The Top 3698/5 6 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Mellow hip hop groove with hard hitting drums, guitar, 808s & melodic synths
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I Am King 3698/9 8 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Feel good hip hop with laid back guitar, vocal samples, piano chord hits & steady drum groove
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In The Future We Are Young 3698/8 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Hopeful, laid back hip hop with plucked guitar loop, heavy bass, trap drums & reverse synth & vocal FX
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Dreamer Awake 3696/5 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled lo-fi jazz hop with catchy jazz guitar melodies gentle Rhodes, synths & beats
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Butterfly Garden 3696/6 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled jazz hop with soft Rhodes, sultry trumpet, jazz guitar, ambient synths & laid back hip hop drums
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Goldfinch 3696/7 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled jazz hop with lo-fi Rhodes, guitar, smooth trumpet & infectious hip hop beats
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Keep On Shining 3696/1 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Old school, chilled lo-fi jazz hop with gentle repeating piano melody, grooving hip hop beats, chilled guitar & funky bass
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Late Night Affair 3696/8 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Relaxed jazz hop with tight old school hip hop drums, chilled guitar & soothing sax
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Now Introducing 3696/4 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Super chilled old school jazzy hip hop beats with lo-fi guitars, gorgeous sax & synths
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Stargaze 3696/2 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Late night jazz hop with sultry jazz guitar chords & melody, lo-fi beats, chilled out sax melodies & piano
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The Happening 3696/10 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Lo-fi, jazzy hip hop with chilled trumpet, jazz guitar licks, claps & cool synths
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Get Down Groove 3695/1 8 mixes George Georgia
Funky, driving hip hop beats with positive & triumphant horns, funky guitar & fun synth melodies
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Sun Still Shinin' 3695/2 8 mixes George Georgia
Forward moving hip hop beats with huge horn swells, funky guitar licks & cool percussion
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The Best Is Yet To Come 3695/4 8 mixes George Georgia
Jazzy, positive hip hop with drum breaks, piano stabs, guitar, Hammond, vocal shouts & catchy horn melodies
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Hard Knocks 3695/9 8 mixes George Georgia
Punchy, confident hip hop with big catchy horn hook, massive beats, funky guitar riffs & DJ scratching
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Sunny Beach Beat 3695/10 8 mixes George Georgia
Positive & summery hip hop with catchy guitar melodies, synths & fun beats
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Strive For Greatness 3694/3 12 mixes Gareth Johnson
Hopeful hip hop with 808 bass, trap hats, heroic indie guitars & soaring piano lines. Builds
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Into Your Arms 3690/1 15 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Powerful indie pop relationship song with male vocal, intricate grooves, dreamy synths & syncopated guitars
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Rebirth 3690/2 16 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Positive alt indie pop song about feeling rejuvenated with rousing male vocal. Features anthemic chorus
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Wild One 3690/3 15 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Infectious synth fuelled indie with buzzy bass, fuzz guitars, hypnotic keys & intense male vocals
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Say Farewell 3690/4 15 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Punchy alternative indie rock with distorted guitars, rolling drums & inspiring male vocal about letting go of the past
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Waiting On The Outskirts 3690/5 12 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Anthemic indie pop song with soaring male lead & backing vocals, synths, big guitars, pounding drums & angular samples
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Falling To The Ground 3690/7 14 mixes Lorenzo De Feo | Matthew Wells
Dynamic indie pop with steadfast male vocal
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