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Happy nu folk with clapping, whistling, finger clicks & quirky percussion
Hedonistic retro rocking skiffle song with cool young male vocal
Simple, sunny nu-folk with clippy cloppy cups & homemade percussion. Builds
Whimsical & zany ditty with ukulele, melodica & whooping
Nostalgic acoustica with harp-like ukulele, wistful cello & tender piano
Laid back, cute pop tune with quirky childlike female vocals & ukulele
Cute & catchy folk pop song with kooky female vocal
Vintage children's TV music-box theme with hooky ukulele riff & happy vibes
Gentle nylon guitar with echo fx & light percussion. Natural & beautiful
Pumping progressive house song with sensual female vocals
Mysterious downbeat song with darkly seductive female vocal
Whimsical nu folk song about love with nylon guitar, whistling & cute vocal
Deep & progressive house with female vocal
Quirky, organic rhythmic soundscape with urbanesque vibes
Ethereal female vocal notes, drone & sound design. Tense & atmospheric
Dreamy folktronica song with a scent of flower power & delicate female vocal
Mysterious, spacious ambience with crystal tones, ethereal vocal fx & piano
Haunting textures with a soft, ambient recorder & mutated drone
Hands in the air house with female vocals. Space theme
Bright & breezy nu folk with chirpy whistling & girly vocal 'dah's
Rocking retro pop song with cool male vocal & vintage sounds
Intimate, romantic song about a fleeting encounter. Female & male vocals
Trippy, driving liquid drum 'n' bass with sensual female & male vocals
Warm, cute & romantic folky pop song with smitten, quirky female vocal
Lively folk pop song with bright acoustic guitar & sweet female vocal
44 tracks found Refine search.
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